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Probally not or maybe?!?!?!?

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Do you need Wii console or not if you buy Wii fit?

Yes, you do need the Wii console to buy wii fit.

Do you need the Wii console to play Wii fit?

yes you do

Do you need a Wii for Wii fit?

Yes. Wii Fit is suppose to be played with a Wii - it's one of the programs for the console.

Will the wii fit software package bought in Canada work on a UK wii console?

Look at it. If it is world edition, it would work, but no if it is a specified country

Will my GameCube controllers from my GameCube fit into the Wii console or are they special controllers?

Your Game Cube controllers are designed to work wit your Wii.

What is the difference between a Wii fit and Wii bundle?

a wii fit is something you use on the wii. Most of the stores are calling the wii bundle something that includes a wii console, and a wii fit.

Can a Wii remote blue work for Wii console black?

Yes. Any Wii remote will work on any Wii console, regardless of color

Do you have to have a Wii console to use the Wii Fit balance board?

Yes, you have to have a console with a game that supports the balance board, if you buy the original Nintendo wii fit you'll get the game and the board

Can American Wii games work with a Japanese Wii console?

Nintendo Wii Game Discs bought in the USA, will not workon a Japanese Wii.----You will have to modify a console for this to happen.If you modify a Nintendo Wii to do this, you will void your warranty on the console.----

Can a Wii remote work with Wii Fit?

Yes a Wii remote can work with Wii Fit.

Does the Wii fit work?

Yes, the Wii Fit does work.

Do Xbox CD work on Wii?

No. Only Wii discs will work with the Wii console

Do US wii games work in aus console?

It should, it's the same Wii console

Can a wii sonic unleashed disc fit in a ps2?

Yes but it will not work. Game discs are software that is designed for an individual console and are not able to be used in a different console

Do CD work on Wii console?


How do you sink your Nintendo Wii fit?

Tie some rocks to it and throw it in a lake. But if you want to sync it then you open the compartment at on the underside of the balance board and on the front of the wii console and press the red button on the wii fit balance board and wii console.

Will a European Wii game work on an English Wii console?

Yes, European Wii games are able to be played on a English wii console as England is European. but American and Japan wii games will not work on a European wii or English.

Do you need a Wii to use a Wii fit?

Yes you do because Wii fit is the game but you need a console to play it on. Bt the game only came out on wii so you would need a wii.

Do Wii games in India work with Wii console from UK?

Not fully.

Will a Wii game from US work on a Wii console from Europe?

no it won't work unless you hack your wii with a special chip

Does a European Wii game work on the thai Wii console?

yes, it will no matter what.

Does an European game work on a US Wii console?

maybe if it is for wii try it.

Would a USB work in a Wii console?

No, you cannot use a USB for the Wii.

Do you have to buy a Wii motion plus Wii remote and a Wii motion plus console?

No just Wii motion plus controller with normal wii should work There is no motion plus console

What accessories, if any, does the Wii console come with?

The Wii is available in many "packages",from the basic with one controller,or the Wii fit with the board.