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Will switching from 98 octane to 93 harm my r6?

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if it is stock compression 93 is fine..where did you find 98 octane anyway?

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Is 98 greater than -93?


What is 96 plus 93 plus 98?

96 + 93 + 98 = 287

What is the recommended octane on a 2008 Subaru?


Will mixing 98 octane and 91 octane affect your car?

no it will not as long as they are both pure gasoline.

What Octane fuel should you use in Volkswagen golf FSI?

Premium unleaded 98 Octane

Does using 98 octane in prove your gas milage over 93 octane?

NO, it does not... there has been a lot of mis-conception about this topic and being an engineer have been told several times, and have indeed mathematically shown that octane does not affect the efficiency of the engine. the octane rating is simply a rating that shows a fuels resistance to detonation and nothing more. You can confirm this by doing a little research on the Otto cycle (4 stroke standard gas engine) and understanding that when 93/98/87 octane fuel is burned, it releases the same amount of energy. the reason that this myth probably exists, is because higher performance (and higher efficiency) engines use higher compression ratios and have a tendancy to detonate lower octane fuel (knocks). also takes longer for the gas to ignite.

Is it ok to run 93 octane is a 98 Chevy cavalier z24?

Yes it is just fine to run that. BUT....Why? It will not make your car go faster, cleaner, or last longer than the Regular 87. It is way out of reason to buy the HIGHER 93 when there is Regular available.

Should i use an octane booster with your 98 gtp supercharger?

If you're using 91+ octane fuel then theres no point if your car is stock.It IS possible its still knocking even on 91+ but if you're never push your car, no need to worry. If you ARE hard on the throttle, using 93/94 octane would be ideal unless you can get someone or something to scan.?

What are the different types of petrol?

150 octane Avgas (no longer used) 100LL Avgas 98 octane premium leaded (no longer used) 95 octane unleaded 82 octane regular (no longer used) 80 octane Avgas (no longer used)

What are New Zealand's gas prices?

As at September 10, 2009. 91 Octane: $1.63 98 Octane: $1.81 Diesel: $1.07

98 Monte Carlo stuttering?

bad gas get octane booster

1958 Cadillac what octane of gas?

Cadillac 1958 with the compression ratio of 10.25:1 should not run on gas below 98 octane.

What is the correct octane fuel for a 1999 Subaru legacy?

a 1999 legacy can drive on both 95 as 98 octane fuel, 98 is slightly more expensive, but still preferred by most legacy owners, since 98 is more efficient and slightly increases performance.

Does a 93 Chevy truck steering collum fit a 98?

Will a 93 chevy silverato steering collum fit a 98 chevy silverato

What grade of gas to use in a 98 mustang gt?

87 octane Regular.

What petrol do you use in 1998 VW Passat?

premium unleaded with octane 98 or higher

Where is the ecm located on a 1993 Oldsmobile regency 98?

ecm location 93 oldsmobile 98

Is 3 a factor of the number 98?

no 90 93 96 99 102 so not 98

What is the difference between 91 octane and 95 octane?

91 octane petrol will ignite at a lower temperature and burn faster, which can cause knocking in an auto engine. Lead compounds were added at one time to raise the octane rating, but recently engines have been redesigned to work on low (<98) octane petrol (or gas in the US colonies)

What is the best octane for cavalier 98 z24?

It was designed to use regular gas. Higher octane wont make it run any different. Don't believe me... check it out for yourself.

What can cause a 98 Altima's engine to sound like a diesel?

Low octane fuel. Run a tank of premium through it or add a bottle of octane boost and it will be fine for a while.

What type of gas does a 1999 323 BMW use?

It will run on 91 octane unleaded just fine, but it is strongly reccommended to run on a high octane like 98 or similiar.

How do you replace a heater core on a 93 olds 98?

how do you replace a heater core in a 91 Oldsmobile 98

What is the median of 85 93 95 96 98 99 100 100?

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