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No non-use of the seatbelt will not prevent the engine from running.

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Q: Will the Subaru engine stop if you do not use the seat belt?
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How do you disable seat belt warning system in a Subaru Forester?

If you are talking about when you are parked, my 2006 Forrester will stop beeping at you if you buckly your seat belt then unbuckle it. The warning does not come back on

How do you remove seat belt alarm?

A quick way to disable your seat belt alarm in 2 seconds or less without tools or experience! Go to your search engine and type in " Seat Belt Alarm Stop". You're gonna love it!

How do i stop seat belt warning bell in a dodge Dakota?

Buckle the seat belt.

How can you stop the beeping sound from a 1994 ford escort seat belt?

Buckle the seat belt.

How do you make the beeping stop for seat belts?

Buckle your seat belt.

How do you stop seat belt warning from coming on 2000 2wd ford explorer?

Wear your seat belt.

How do you stop the seat belt signal on a 95 escort wagon?

Put your seat belt on. It's there to keep you from expiring.

How do you stop the seat belt alarm from ringing when seat belt is not latched on the 2007 E250 van?

On my 2003 I followed directions in owners manuel under "Beltminder" Great news! You can disable that annoying alarm in 2 seconds or less without tools or experience! Type "Seat Belt Alarm Stop" into your search engine. You're gonna love it!

Why is Subaru legacy engine running after ignition switched off?

subaru legacy engine is switched off when stop after drive

How do you stop the seat belt rubbing your neck?

glue a small pillow onto the belt

Does the Subaru SVX have an interference engine?

No. All Subaru SVX's use the EG33 3.3L, H-6 engine. This horizontally-opposed engine design is a NON-interference engine. If the timing belt were to break while running, the engine would just stop. No damage would be done to the valves, pistons, or other internalsSubaru recommends timing belt replacement at 60,000 miles (105,000 miles on California models)

How shut off seat belt alarm on a 2009 Pontiac vibe?

Fasten your seat belt or live with it, it will stop after a few moments.

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