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The JVC DVD/VCR combo player, unfortunately, only plays DVD-R, and can't play DVD-RW.


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yes, dvdrw (rw = ReWriteable)


DVD = yes DVD-r = both dvdrw= both

no, you can only write to a dvdr once. A dvdrw can be rewritten on

Most typically yes, it must be a DVDRW drive ( a writable drive)

Yes, the drive can. Everything else depends on your disc writing software.

The MacBook Pros come with an excellent built-in DVD/CD rw drive. Most name brand external drive can usually be added if required. The LaCie drives are popular and often include their LightScribe software enabling label printing directly onto the disc.

types of optical disc drive are: cd,dvd,blueray,cdr,cdrw,dvdrw,mp3,mp4

The question doesn't really make much sense, since a standard DVDR is a once write read many (WORM) disc.If using a Packet Incremental Format a finalised (or closed) disc cannot be altered.If you are asking about a rewritable DVDRW then there is no write protection on this. You simply reformat the DVDRW. However if you are asking how to defeat copy protection system for films or video game DVD's then that violates copyright.

It is a CD, DVD, Blue Ray, CDR, CDi, CDRW, DVDRW, MP3, MP4, or any of a dozen other varieties of laser data readers.

A DVD-R is a DVD that is writable only once, but a DVD-RW is one that you can write to multiple times, with each rewrite the size decreasing somewhat.

Aluminum Slim External Ultra Fast "DUAL LAYER" DVDRW ± CD / DVD Burner is a really fast dvd burner.

Also included, are items, such as the monitor, motherboard, CPU, memory, graphics card, hard drive, CD ROM, DVD ROM, cdrw, dvdrw, peripherals, such as printers..

There would be no point in making a consumer DVD burning drive that cannot read discs like a regular drive.

"Yes you can buy blank DVDs at most any store that sells electronics or dvds or home stereo equipment. There are different types available including DVDr, DVDrw and miniDVDr and miniDVDrw."

No, sometimes DVDr and DVDrw look like normal Cd's and the cheaper ones don't even say they are dvd's until you put them into a computer and it reads the format

DVD + RW means that the disc is readable and writable, so you can write, delete, and re-write information onto it. To erase the information on a disc, pop it into a computer's optical disc drive and (on more recent versions of Windows) wait for the Auto Play to run, otherwise, find the CD under 'My Computer' and open the contents of the disc. Once you have that open, you are free to modify the contents of the disc as you choose. If you like, Windows Media Player also has burning/ripping features that should do the trick for most users. [I was the first to edit, but didn't sign in]

8watts for the memory, 20 watts for the hard drive, 80watts max for the I5 CPU, 10 watts for each fan, 25 watts average for the mainboard chipset, and up to 135watts for the 6970 video card, 8 watts for the DVDRW(writing). Those are all maximums. When the computer is idle and the video is not rendering new material, the whole system is probably 60watts +-.

If you are talking about off-the-shelf DVD players then it's an output device( display data read to video terminal [i.e. Projectors, TV's], but if you are talking about DVDRW devices then it's an input and output device. If you are talking about a DVD media, if it's just ordinary DVD-ROM then it's just input. But if you're talking about DVD-R or DVD-RW media then it's an input and output media.

Reading is the lowest power requirement for the optical drive. Buring uses the maximum power requirement. If it can read CDs but not DVDs, pleas reinstall the codecs (by installing powerdvd or VLC). If it can't even read CDs, you may need to flash the firmware on the drive. Please go to device manager (right click my computer, choose properties, click on the hard ware tab, and choose device manager) and check the model for the DVDRW drive. You should be able to find firmware based on that model number.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Pen drives, thumb drives, flash disk... whatever name you're using for them, tend to be unreliable. Often a minor internal fault can cause you to lose the entire backup. But they're convenient, compact and you can put a lot of data on them. Removable hard drives have their own set of problems. They're larger, much more fragile, the moving parts tend to fail and they don't like to be "bumped" when they're writing. But either way, have a good backup for your critical data. The advantage to a removable DVDRW is that you can save your data and take it to any machine, and if the drive fails, you still have the DVD that you can read from another machine.

Answer:It looks like what you really need to know is: PATA, is the same as IDE.We had so many standards on IDE: ATA, Ultra ATA, Ultra66(wed roped the ATA), And on, and on. The new tech is SATA, which is just Serial ATA. Since the old technology is all Parallel, we just refer the old IDE as P ATA now. If you have a PATA, you have an IDE, which will run 2 IDE devices of you set the jumpers correctly.So yes, but only 2.

Dvd-r or DVD+r are the most common types of dvds you can use to burn your own videos onto, you can also use a dvdrw which is a rewritable DVD, a dvdr usually says it can hold 4.7gbs of data, but in reallity it only holds just about 4.5gbs after formatting, most ripping software will also rip a dual layer DVD to a compressed rate of about 4.36gbs, so as to accommodate for the finished files to be able to fit on a dvdr, the best dvdr for me is a DVD-r, minus r dvds burn and work better in standalone DVD players as well as in computers, and most DVD burners these days are fully compatible with them, so your best bet is to get yourself some DVD-r's and start the burning, have fun.

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