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No, the military will not "give" you a GED, you must earn it. However if you have been accepted into military service, depending on the requirements at time of enlistment, you may have to complete the GED requirements within your first year on active duty service or within you first term of enlistment. In order to qualify for MGIB benefits, you must possess at minimum a GED.

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Yes, a GED is accepted by the National Guard.

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No. You're required to have your GED or diploma before you report in to MEPS to be shipped out.

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Q: Will the army pay for your GED?
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Can the army help you get your GED so you can enlist?

No. However, with the various state sponsored programmes available to help you get your GED, there really is no need for the Army to provide this service. Check with your local community college for more information on this.

If you have your GED do you have to have 15 college credits to get in the army?


Can you get into the US Army with a GED?

Go for it. You can get in with a diploma; why not?

Does the army National Guard take GED?


Can you get into the army while doing a career and GED at the same time?

You have to have at least a GED before you're eligible to enlist.

how old i have to be to joint the army ?

You have to be 18 and highschool grad or GED.

Can I join and then get my ged in any branch of service. What about the National Guard can they help me get my GED?

The Army does not require a high school diploma or GED to enlist, but most of the other branches of service do.

Will the army discharge you for having a GED?

If you were already accepted with a GED, then you're covered under the grandfather clause. You will, however, be quicker to go on the chopping block is the Army undergoes massive personnel reductions.

What is required education for army special forces?

high school or GED

You are a high school drop out can you join the army?

You'd have to get your GED first.

Do you have to have your GED to join the Army or can you obtain it while you inlist.?

To join the Army, you generally need a high school diploma or equivalent, such as a GED. However, in some cases, the Army may accept individuals without a high school diploma or GED if they meet certain qualifications. It is best to contact a recruiter to discuss your specific situation and eligibility requirements.

If you can't pass high school or get your GED can you still enrol in the army?

You need at least a GED to get into the army. I know this from personal experience. However the army is willing to help you get your GED and will actually pay for any fees it may cost (some places it costs to get it others do not). So if its financial issues that is stopping you then this will help you. If you do not feel confident enough that you will pass the GED test go ahead and try anyways. I felt the same way and I only had a 8th grade education due to bad choices in my life. I ended up acing the test scoring much higher than the national average scores. If I can do it you can too just believe in yourself.