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Nah, it's pretty much there for the rest of your life, but you might can get surgery

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When will Extra skin in your penis go away?

When you get circumsized

Can sperm go travel through skin to vagina?


Why would there be raw skin around my vagina?

go see a doctor!

What makes the burn and itch in your vagina go away?

A trip to your ob/gyn!

What does it mean when the side of the skin of the vagina hurt?

Could be any number of things. Go see a gynecologist.

Can aloe make freckles go away?

No. Aloe is wonderful for the skin, but it won't make freckles go away.

What could it mean if you have bumps in your vagina and will they go away?

You should go see your OBGYN just incase you have an STD or have a cyst.

What if you have a bump on your vagina?

Probably just a zit, you can get them everywhere. Can also be a ingrown hair. They usually go away.

How do you get the swelling of your vagina to go away?

put an ice pack on it or touch yourself till' it gets better

Can you get pregnant if the penis has a condom and it did not go all the way into the vagina?

yes so stay away from penises!

Small warts of tiny extra skin growing under the penis head on the crumble penis skin?

Go see a doctor ASAP.

Since skin is waterproof is it true that stretch marks don't go away even if oils and lotions are used?

No they just don't go away they fade away.

How do you get rid of the shiny skin on your face?

Shiny skin means you have oily skin. Just wash your face morning and night and it will go away.

What can you do to stop the pain in your vagina?

putt two fingers in until you squirt and that would make the pain go away

Why did the cat grow wings?

because of some extra skin that doesnt have any place to go when it was a kitten.

Why does your back suddenly itch then go away?

It can be caused by a momentary skin irritation

What if you found a snake skin in the attic?

easy! go away/evacute your house

Is Michael Jackson hispanic?

No, he is black but has a skin disorder that makes the pigment in his skin go away, making him seem white.

What is the role of eubacteria in the environment?

The role of eubacteria is to make yeast infections go away! It will heal and clean the entire vagina

What is a Round patch of dry skin that won't go away?

annoying. at least mine is.

How do you get rid of peeling skin after a sunburn?

Keep on putting moisturiser on it and it will eventually go away!

Is it normal to have a bad smell after tooth extraction?

ya it smells and tastes like a bloody vagina, it will go away after the 3rd day

Can speedball super black India ink stain your skin permanently?

Unless the ink got under your skin, it will eventually wash off or go away. Your skin is constantly sloughing off, so it is only a matter of time before any stained skin is washed away.

How long does it take for razor burn to go away?

Depends on skin type, but a couple of days :)

What happens to you when you where silly bands for a long period of time?

they make dents in your skin, that go away