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It should not affect your rates. However, if you have several hit-and run claims, they're going to start investigating.

AnswerActually, I was in a hit and run and my insurance company used my collision insurance to cover the total loss of my car. SO... now when I go to "shop around", my underwriters report shows only this:

Collision Reimbursement: $5,919. As a result my insurance rates are very high. There are no surcharges because I was not "At Fault" but the rates themselves are higher than normal.

I'm trying to figure out how to "re-categorized" the claim under the "uninsured motorist" claim so that my rates will be normal. It's a nightmare.


My spouse was the pedestrian in a hit and run and required $25000 in medical damages. Health Insurance wouldn't pay so we used no fault. No other moving violations or claims were on our insurance. After the pay out (1yr later) the rates quadrupled. It was ridiculous. We had a new car payment at the time and had to have full coverage. Everywhere we went that $25000 claim erased the good quotes we initially received with all insurance carriers. Even when we explained there was no moving violation on our part the spouse was a pedestrian crossing the street at the corner in the middle of the day. It took 5 years after the payout for the rates to go down. Terrible experience and that was just part of the financial end. Lost wages, permanent damage...

2012-01-06 16:04:40
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If you are driving a friend's car and have a minor collision does this affect his insurance premium since you are not included in the insurance plan?

Yes. If a claim is made and found valid, his insurance rates will probably increase. It depends on the past history of the insured of how much the premium will rise.

What is a collision claim?

A claim that you make on your own insurance for repairs due to a collision.

Would the insurance premium of the car owner increase if he was not the actual driver at the time of an accident?

If a claim is made against his insurance...yes.

How much do insurance rates increase after claim?

How much increase auto insurance after claim

How can one file an insurance claim for a rear end collision?

One can file an insurance claim for a rear end collision by going to one's insurance carrier's collision center, and filling out the necessary paperwork as they take a look at your vehicle.

Should you file a claim with your insurance?

It all depends. I personally only file a claim if it's going to cost significantly more than my deductible, is worth the effort to fix it, and I'm ready for my insurance premium to increase. If you are careful about how many claims you make and how often, you should be ok. Also, a comprehensive claim on your auto is judged less harshly than a collision claim. Accidents are the biggest increase of premium usually. If it's a towing claim, or a small (under 1000) comprehensive it's not too bad. With homes, the risk is higher to be cancelled at renewal if you put in a claim. Make sure it's worth the increase of premium for the next 5 years. That's how long a claim stays on a CLUE report. Good Luck! Hope that helped a little!!! :)

Would your insurance premium go up if you rear-end someone and your own damage is a few thousand but there is none on others?

If you file a claim with your insurance company for your own damage (if you have collision insurance) yes...probably.

How much will your bike insurance go up after a claim?

Your insurance can vary based on quite a few variables, not just a claim. Some claims will not result in a premium increase and some claims will raise them based on the severity of an accident.

Did your premium increase when you canceled the claim process and paid for the damages yourself or left it damaged?

Any time you file a claim you run the risk of your premiums raising due to the labor the insurance company put into your claim.

Will my car insurance go up for hitting an animal?

Generally your auto insurance will not increase for an animal collision. This is paid by your comprehensive coverage on your auto insurance. The only danger of an increase is if your carrier gives you a discount for not having any claims for a certain period of time. You will loose this claim free discount if you have one. You will not incur any surcharges or points for an animal collision.

How long pay insurance premium to Insurance Company after truck accident?

You will continue to pay insurance premium to renew the policy,irrespective of the claim to be submitted after truck accident.

Will your premiums go up if you were involved in an auto accident but were not at fault?

No. The person is only penalized when they are the one at fault. It will not affect your insurance coverage. WAIT... They might! If you're insurance claim to cover the damage to your car was a collision claim... then other companies will see your collision claim history and return a higher rate quote to you! It's not fair but that's how it goes. Yes , its true for me premium kicked off to $705 from $630 after that claim appeared on my claims history

What is no claim bonus in health insurance?

When you do not claim on your health insurance during a particular year, the insurance company provides you with a no claim bonus. This increases your sum insured at the same premium or reduces your premium while maintaining the same sum insured - depending on the no-claim bonus feature offered by the chosen insurer. Sometimes, this bonus also comes as a discount on your premium at renewal.

Will your insurance premium increase if you scratch another car and claim it?

Any claims made against your insurance company can result in an increase in your premium. If it's just a scratch, it would be better to settle with the person with an out of pocket payment if at all possible. Be sure to get a quote with the person (both parties present at time of quote).

Can my insurance company drop my insurance in the middle of a claim?

Generally no. Please provide more details. Are you paying the premium?

What happens to a insurance premium when a deductibles increased?

Generally the cost of the premium goes down. The more you pay out of pocket when you file a claim the less you pay for the premium.

Can a owner who is also a driver parked a vehicle and vehicle start rolling down claim from insurance co the payment for repairs?

Yes, if you have collision insurance. It would be a collision claim and you would have to pay what your collision deductible is. If your car caused damage to someone else's vehicle or property, you would also be liable for the damages.

Does comprehensive insurance cover damage to your car if a shovel falls on car while car is sitting in your garage?

A comprehensive insurance policy would probably cover damage as described. However, the deductible and potential premium increase for making a claim might make it more advantageous to not make a claim.

When will your insurance company pay for your collision claim?

If your Motor Car policy covers First Party and your car gets damaged by a collision, the insurance co. will pay for that. Whereas when there is Third Party coverage in your policy and a third party's car gets damaged by your car, the third party's claim will be borne by the insurance co.

I had a single car accident with no injuries and just damage to my car. How do I proceed with my insurance company?

You call your insurance company and file a collision claim. You pay your collision deductible and they will set up repairs for your vehicle.

In California will your insurance rates go up if you let someone borrow my car and they crashed it?

Yes, If your Insurance company paid the claim then they are allowed to increase your premium appropriately to cover your risk factors. If you let others drive your vehicle then that is demonstrative of how you handle your vehicle. Loaning out of your vehicle to others increases the risk that you will have a claim.

Will you insurance premium go up if you claim a parking lot hit and run accident and pay 500 deductible and insurance covers 1000?

Yes, most likely, your premium will raise to some degree. If you don't claim it through insurance, there would be no premium hike. Parking lot incidents are almost ALWAYS considered 50/50 fault, sad to say, unless you can PROVE otherwise!

Where does insurance claims money come from?

When you get insurance on a car, a house, a boat, you pay the insurance company money, known as premiums. The insurance company invests that money. When there is a claim, some of the premium, along with some of the interest from the invested money, is used to pay the claim.

If you hit a curb and your car is damaged can you claim insurance?

Yes you can as long as you have collision coverage and this will be considered an "at fault" accident.

Does your home insurance increase if a car crashes into your wall?

No, but whoever was driving the car...his insurance cost will increase! It is the insurance on the car that crashes thru the wall that has to pay the claim. 4lifeguild