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Will the world live in peace?

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Yes,lets be positive.

2012-10-25 10:18:24
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Why did gandhi want world peace?

On that way they can live peace

How will you come peace in the world?

If we live together, we find peace.

Why is peace so important?

Peace is important because we live in peace. Peace is what keeps our world peaceful. Peace is a very powerful thing. That is why it's important to me, my family, friends, and the world. PEACE...

Can you give me an two sentences with the word peace?

1. We need some peace in this classroom.2. The world we live in needs more peace.

How has the UN failed to do its duties?

Not kept the Peace in the World we live in today.

Can you give me an example sentence with the word peace?

People should do their best to keep peace in the world.Let's forget about the past and live in peace.This is a peaceful garden.

Who said you will live in peace?

Jesus said ,"you will live in peace

What are the contribution to th world peace?

The world does not know peace. When the world does know peace then it will be good to know who and what was contributed towards that effort. But to celebrate contributions towards world peace before world peace is a reality is propaganda. Orwellian language or double speak where phrases like "war is peace" can easily be sold as contributions to world peace. The oppressive actions of tyrants and dictators who've simulated peace by instilling fear in the populace can lay claim to contributing to world peace, and while celebrating these heroes of world peace, wars continue to rage across the globe, man kills each other at the drop of a hat and we cling to our fears, our jealousy our rage as if it were a badge of honor. What are the contributions to world peace? Let's show them! Let's you and I do it. Let's live in peace and be free. What have we got to lose?

What is the motto of Turkey?

should be ''peace in the world, peace in the country''Peace in the World, Peace at Home

Why isn't there peace in the world?

there is no peace in the world for peace is tantamount of saying that we are perfect... and that peace is in the disposition in the heart are not in the world it must begin in you>>>

How did John Lennon's death affect the world?

He was a peace advocate. He represent peace. His music he left behind will always will live our hearts and mind forever.

What did Harriet Tubman do to make this a better world?

she tried to make every one live in peace

Is the world peace impossible?

world peace isn't impossible , peace is generated within the hearts of the people and spreads within the community,........!!! peace will only come when people wont be hostile towards other community and would live for the betterment of there people and wont be ENVIOUS from the progress of other community....!!!!

What does pax mundi mean?

Peace of the world; world peace.

Is peace really peace?

of course it is ...peace is not on of the things where you can say.... i am all for need to live without it for a little bit and relize you can not live without it carly schneider

Are there places in the world where Christians Jews and Muslims live together in peace?

The University of Florida in Gainesville, FL!

Why do Canadians peacekeep?

Canadians peace keep because they think that the world should be a better pace to live in

What is the best way to use rain forests around the world?

to not use them and let the animals live in peace

Should Christians promote world peace?

Um... yes... but I suppose that the real question would be is... are Christians capable of promoting world peace? Are they willing to live in peace with homosexuals? Are they willing to live in peace with other religious beliefs? Can they see past the written words of man and see that real message behind their religion? Can there be a time when "a higher power" doesn't desire war? Questions, questions, questions....

Why was the US created?


How many people lived and now live in Edmonton?

i am wondering how many people live in peace river alberta? thank you... i am wondering how many people live in peace river alberta? thank you... i am wondering how many people live in peace river alberta? thank you... i am wondering how many people live in peace river alberta? thank you... i am wondering how many people live in peace river alberta? thank you... i am wondering how many people live in peace river alberta? thank you...

How do you spell world peace in Chinese?

世界和平 = World Peace 世界 = world 和平 = peace

What does the Peace Corps promote?

World Peace

Were some Native American tribes nice?

Yes, many of them tried to live in peace with the world and with each other

When is world peace sign day?

World Peace Sign day is 24.05