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Will their be a sly cooper 4?


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the answer is unknown if sly 4 is in the making or if there ever will be,sly cooper is awesome i wish sly 4 would come out too!


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It is called Sly 4 Thieves in Time , Sly 4 Thieves in Time , or Sly Cooper Thieves in Time.

Sly Cooper Had Near Death But Did Not Die But we Need To See What Happens to Sly in Sly 4

They are 4 games called sly cooper and the theifs raccoones, sly 2 band of theifs, sly 3 honer among theifs and sly cooper theives In time and the sly collection has all 3 sly cooper games in one disc and there are some mini games

Yes. Look on Youtube "Sly Collection Sly Cooper 4 Trailor"

Well, there making a Sly Cooper 4, I don't see why they wouldn't make a Sly Cooper 5

maybe not sly 4 but there will be a sly cooper on psp

Sly 5 is a sequel to sly cooper theifs in time and sly cooper is in Egypt from the after credits of sly 4 and make it into sly 5 might be happening on the PS5 or on the PS4 that everyone can play and if you are a sly cooper fan, sly cooper will be like sucker punch, sunru and Sony will make details for the 5th sly cooper game

Yes, all of them. Sly Cooper 4 - 'Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time' was released first, followed by Sly Cooper: Reloaded, which is a Vita release of the original trilogy.

Sly cooper 4. It should come out soon

no one knows. we will just have to find out after sly 4

Sly Cooper: 18Sly Cooper 2, Band of Theives: 20Sly Cooper 3, Honor Among Theives: 23NEWSly Cooper 4, King of Theives: 25

Sadly no sly 4 is only on ps3

Sly Cooper 4 isn't for sale yet. They just released the E3 Trailer.

no, i think that carmalita will know that he is lie before they get children

Sly Cooper 4:Thieves in Time. It has been confirmed on E3 2011 and it will be released in 2012

it will come out after infamous is out they will make sly 4

They will probably be together still. I have no idea.

Because it is the newest console for Sony's PlayStation series. Sly Cooper 4 will also come out on PS3.

Sly cooper and the thieves raccoonesSly cooper and the thieves raccoones is now on the PS2 and the PS3 for the collection of sly cooper. In the UK, sly cooper and the thieves raccoones was sly raccoon and itโ€™s by sucker punch

yeah but only sly 4 i think

Yes, Sly Cooper will be coming out fall 2011. A guy from Sucker Punch said "Sly Cooper 4 will be the best game of its series. The main character of this game will be Bentley and Murray and Sly. They will travel in time seeking his ancestor's."

NoSly cooper ended up in Egypt from the after credits of sly cooper theifs in time

It is CONFIRMED that Sly Cooper Thieves In Time will come to gamestop May 31st, 2012.

Answer : No, Sly cooper is not "real".

There will be a Sly 4 on June 8th Its expcted 2 come out

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