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Maybe one day.

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Is there code lyoko movie?

there is no code lyoko movie perhaps they shoot.

Why wont be a code lyoko the movie?

There is one. It is called Code Lyoko: Fall of XANA.

What happened to Aelita's mom in the movie code lyoko?

MOVIE!?!?!?!!?!???!?!!?!?!?! WHERE??? maybe on DEMAND

Will there be more Code Lyoko?

are you ever get to see jeremys lyoko form in code lyoko? than answer is no

Where Can You Watch Code Lyoko?

You can watch Code Lyoko on

Is there a Code Lyoko Live Action Movie?

yes in summer 2011

Code lyoko 2 nds game?

The Second Code Lyoko game for the DS is called Code Lyoko: The Fall of XANA

Where can you watch full Code Lyoko episodes?

or code lyoko anime watch anime online/watch code lyoko episodes

What is the best Code Lyoko site for Code Lyoko games?

What is the duration of Code Lyoko?

The duration of Code Lyoko is 1560.0 seconds.

Is there a Code Lyoko computer game?

it can be possible but there is a code lyoko Nintendo game

When was Code Lyoko created?

Code Lyoko was created on 2003-09-03.

Is there going to be a new Code Lyoko?

The new 5th series of Code Lyoko will be released in 2013 and called Code Lyoko: Evolution. It will be live action instead of animated except for when they enter Lyoko.

Code lyoko season 5?

Well Code lyoko is coming aroung 2012. It's called Code lyoko Evolution. So be sure to Youtube it!

They have any code lyoko PC games?

Well, they had a DS game of Code Lyoko...

When will Code Lyoko reloaded be aired?

It will NOT Be Aired...Only Code Lyoko Revolution 2012

Does Code Lyoko exist in Korea?

Sadly, Code: Lyoko isn't available in Korea...

Is Code Lyoko on tv any more?

yes code lyoko is on tv on kabillion

How do you download Code Lyoko pc game?

download code lyoko game fc

How many seasons is in Code Lyoko?

The anime series "Code Lyoko" has five seasons .

Where can you watch code lyoko episode 28?

You can view all Code Lyoko episodes on YouTube. Simply head to YouTube and type in 'Code Lyoko 28' and it should be the first result (Code Lyoko Episode 28 - Uncharted Territory).

What is the code in sector 10 in code lyoko facebook?

what is the code of the tower in sector 10 in code lyoko facebook game

Where can you watch code lyoko episode 39?

All Code Lyoko episodes are available on YouTube. Just search for 'Code Lyoko 39' and it should be the first result.

Are you ever going to see Jeremy's lyoko form in Code Lyoko?

No, unfortunately. I'm pretty sure the Code Lyoko series is over. I've always wanted to see what Jeremie looks like on Lyoko! (I imagine him as some kind of nerdy penguin) you can watch code lyoko on demand put in these numbers 444 it's kids on demand go to kabillion and you can watch the MOVIE but i didn't finish it but :( but i will when i get a chance There is a chance you will get to see it in the upcoming series Code Lyoko Evolution. But I can't say for sure.

In the show Code Lyoko what is the name of the virtual world?


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