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Will there be a significant voltage drop if a 60 FT 8-4 extension cord is used to connect appliances to a 7500W generator?


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2007-03-27 13:58:06
2007-03-27 13:58:06

no but you cant exceed the wattage of the generator if you are close to that amount you will notice a reduction not nescessarily in voltage but amperage which will have the same affect If the generator is 7500 watts, 240 volts, that is approximately 30 amps maximum load. According to one online calculator for voltage drop, your AWG 8 wire run would have only a 3 percent drop over 95 feet or so, or 120 feet if you're only using 25 amps. Ref:


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Operating a Generator 1. Read all instructions. Be sure you understand them before hooking up the generator. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to properly ground the generator. 2. Maintain adequate ventilation. Generators emit carbon monoxide. Never operate a generator in your home, garage or other enclosed building. Place it in a dry, outside location. 3. Handle fuel carefully. Turn the generator off to refuel. Gasoline and its vapors may ignite if they come in contact with hot components or an electrical spark. Store fuel in a properly designed container in a secure location. 4. Water conducts electricity. Avoid dangerous electric shocks. Make sure that your hands are dry and you're standing in a dry place whenever you operate the generator. 5. Protect your appliances. Turn off or disconnect all appliances and lights before you begin operating the portable generator. Once the generator is running, turn your appliances and lights on one at a time to avoid overloading the unit. 6. Share the power. If your electric load is greater than your generator's capacity, temporarily disconnect some appliances and lights and connect others. This shared approach may help maintain temperatures in freezers and refrigerators while alternately operating sump pumps or furnaces until power is restored. 7. Use the right extension cord. Use only UL-listed, three-prong extension cords. Be sure the extension cord is the proper size (wire-gauge) to handle the electric load that will be plugged into it.

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Yes it can if you connect it with an 120v generator. But it depends on how powerful the generator is.

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Yes, you can connect each appliance between one of the three live wires and the neutral. The generator must supply the correct voltage and have a sufficiently high VA rating.

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To draw current from a generator, you need to connect a load to it.

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If your generator makes enough power to run your equipment then no they don't have to connect to your property unless you ask them to,

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