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a short movie search for Assassins Creed 2 lineage

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Is their another Assasins creed After Assasins Revelations?

there is but you wont get to play as ezio or altiar and you will be playing in america its called assasins creed 3

Which game is assasins creed revelations?

assasins creed revelations is actually the fifth game if follow the story of the game.

Is Assasins Creed true?

no but there was someone called ezio auditore de firenze and Altair (i dont know all name ) first parts of assasins creed 2 were true but all of assasins creed 1 was true but im not sure about the apple of eden

Is bunnies creed an actual game?

No.....................they are just makin' fun of assasins creed!

Will there be another assassin's creed game after brotherhood?

assasins creed 3 will be after brotherhood

Who made assasins creed 2?

Assassins Creed 2 was made by Ubisoft.

Will there be an assasins creed 3?

yes! Assasins Creed Brotherhood. ACB is not the third game. It's like a 2.5 game. The third one comes out in 2012

Will there be a assasins creed 3?

it is not known yet that there will be a ac3 but i hope there will

Why is assasins creed rated M?

Blood and Gore, Violence

Does Altair Have A Crowssbow?

No only assasins creed brotherhood you get a crossbow

Where are all the assasins tombs in assasins creed 2?

It should show a assassin's tomb icon on your map depending on how high you are.

How many assassin creeds are there?

Well there is Assasins Creed, 2, brotherhood, Altairs Chronicles (DS), Bloodlines (PSP), Assasins Creed 2 Discovery. Well that's all I know.

What is going to be the name of the new assassins creed game?

I think the most new game of assassins creed is "Assasins Creed: Brotherhood"

When is assasins creed 2 coming out?

some time in 2008 i think

Is assasins creed good?

in my opinion, its the best historic game yet.

When does assasins creed 2 come out?

This holiday was the only info that was released.

When did assasins creed brotherhood come out?

It came out on November 16th, 2010.

Is ezio in assasins creed brotherhood?

yes he's the main character in it!

Who do you play as in Assasins creed 3?

in assasins creed 3 you'll play as haytham kenway for the first few sequences, then for the rest of the game you'll be playing as his son, Connor, and sometimes as Desmond Miles.

Will there be another assasins creed after brotherhood?

yes its called assasin's creed revelations cant wait 2 play it

Which is better Skyrim or assassins creed revalations?

Assasins creed all the way Skyrim is kinda hard and not as fun

Does Assasins Creed II come with a warranty?

No online sites indicate a warranty.

Should you trade your halo3 for assassins creed?


What is the meaning of the truth video in assassins creed 2?

It has something to do Fight Assasins Creed 3 which will (as far as they said) Come out in 2011.

Where is leanardo in assasins creed 2?

In the beginning part of Assassin's Creed 2 he's in Florence, but later on when you move to Venice he goes with you.

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