Will there be another series of Dragon Ball Z?

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I beleave there`s supposed to be a new movie in 2015.

Will there be another season of Dragon Ball Z?

Well, theres is a remake of Dragonball Z called Dragonball Kai. But there is a new season called Dragonball GT, this series is not made by Akira Toriyama(The creator of Dragonball)

How do you get Gogeta on Dragon Ball Z Another Road?

finsh like defeat chapter 5 or 6 as vegito and he is ulocked automatically....if that doesnt help type in "FAQ dragon ball z shin budokai another road" into google and those help guide... later mate. "Z"

Who is Fasha on Dragon Ball Z?

Fasha is a fictional character from the "Dragon Ball Z" world. She is Bardock's commrade and is currently deceased.

Will there be a new Dragon Ball Z series?

No. Dragon ball and dragon ball z follow the storyline of the Dragon Ball manga, which ended quite a while ago. With the manga storyline finished, the television show has finished too. Dragon Ball GT was made however, to see if Dragon Ball could continue a storyline without following the original ma ( Full Answer )

Will there be another Dragon Ball series?

Probably not, do to the fact that they made one with goku askid,adult and in gt I guess you can say both because most of thetime he was a kid bout once he transformed to ssj4 he was an adultother than that they have made a new movie called plan to eradicatethe super sayings and they have made a curr ( Full Answer )

How do you get Vegito in Dragon Ball Z shin Budakai another road for psp?

For Vegito or Gogeta to get unlocked, defeat the last chapter(chapter 7) choosing either of paths\n. \nand to unlock Vegito super saiyan form, Defeat Kid Buu in chapter 7\n. \n. \nand if you wanna get hold of the Goku ss4, beat the whole game!!!\n. \n. \n. \nBest of Luck

How many Dragon Ball series are there?

There are 4, including the revised version of Dragon Ball Z (Dragon Ball Kai). There are 3 series: Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT. Dragon Ball has 153 episodes that ran as 3 seasons in Japan (1986-1989). Dragon Ball Z has 291 episodes that ran in 7 seasons (1989-1996). Drago ( Full Answer )

Will there be another Dragon Ball Z series?

Probably not in my opinion. They did one series with Goku as a kid, one with him as an adult, and I think they kinda overdid it in GT byturning him into a kid again. They might make one with gohan or even goten as the hero so don't get your hopes down. In my opinion there should be another series. T ( Full Answer )

Who is the best character in Dragon Ball Z -Shin Budokai Another Road?

majin vegeta is the best To me Bardock is the best character. When controlled by the computer he is as strong as gotenks and SSJ2 Gohan/Future Gohan. His Moves are really strong,espiacially Riot Javelin because if you charge it to full power it becomes really big and almost never misses. Plus hi ( Full Answer )

What psp version is required for dragon ball z shin budokai another road?

you need the newest version you can buy it at gamestop for $169.99 cuz i have that game got it 3 years ago so hoped i help you welcome , master_555--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ( Full Answer )

How do you unlock majin vegeta in dragon ball z shin budokai another road?

woah i heard that it is a cool game ok return to the point we can easily unlock him by complet the game or going to complet it You have to get an a,b or z on the last mission this is the true answer Get Ending A (Can be obtained by not letting enemies destroy any city in the last chapter

What are all of the Dragon Ball series?

Dragon Ball-- The First series Dragon Ball Z-- The Second series Dragon Ball GT-- The Third series Dragon Ball Z Kai-- (Dragon Ball Z without fillers, but most of the classic phrases are taken out...) If you want to watch these, go to: www.watch-dragonball.com It has all the episodes, Pl ( Full Answer )

What are the dragon ball series?

The Dragon ball series is an anime series based on the Japanese manga written by Akira Toriyama. It follows the life of Goku as he meets his lifelong friends and enemies while he trains in the martial art and is followed by Dragonball Z also from the manga when they travel through space saving the E ( Full Answer )

Is there a Dragon Ball Z series 2?

There sure is! The DBZ series goes up to series 9 then it goes to DBGT i only know of two series for DBGT

Are they making a new Dragon Ball Z series?

Akria Toryama said that he's not making another dragonball z saga but some people are saying that he might make another one called dragonball af in 2012, but he wont, the reason that the Z was added was so people could see it was the end of the series, if a new series comes out its not from the orig ( Full Answer )

Where can you get dragon balls from Dragon Ball Z?

If you want to buy it, go on Ebay and search Dragon Ball (z) [Kai]. If you're talking about the show, the dragon balls may be found on any planet on which a Namekian sorcerer (has magical powers, like healing, but the most important one being the ability to create dragon balls) lives. In the show ( Full Answer )

Who is cell in Dragon Ball Z?

Cell is an android from the future. He has a cell of each powerfulsaiyan like goku, piccolo and krillin. Then he went to the past toabsorb androids 17 and 18 to go in his perfect form. Later gohanturns super saiyan 2, then kills him with a father-son kamehamehawave. He is also the one who return in ( Full Answer )

Who is goten in Dragon Ball Z?

"Son Goten" , is voiced by Kara Edwards as a child and as a teen by Robert McCollum . Also the child of Chichi and Goku!

Is Dragon Ball Z Kai an unending series?

Kai ends after the cell games, though some people insist there going to do the majin sagas, i disagree with them, Dragon Ball Z Kai is only an edit of Dragon Ball Z - Season 1- 6 . So if watch DBZ Kai, you then have to watch season 7 - 9 which are available as digitally remastered. (Then there ( Full Answer )

Why did they end the Dragon Ball series?

Technically they didn't end it, they just skipped five years and started dragon Ball Z. In the manga the whole thing was just dragon ball similar to other series such as Naruto, where they split the anime into two different shows.

Are they ever going to make another dragon ball movie or serie again?

No There is DragonBall Dragonball Z DragonBall GT and DragonBall Kai why can't they just make another serie of dragon ball they can call it dragon ball z they are back plz make them make another one they are making me cry. plz tell they too not in a mean way in a good way for me.

Are they going to make another Dragon Ball Z evolution?

As far as i know there pref-ably will be a squel to dbe(Dragon Ball Evolution).btw, dragon ball is dumb like a dumdum...dragonbou have something all is quiete good dont you have something else to do other than troll?

What order is the dragon ball series in?

The order is as follows: Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and thenDragon Ball GT. As for Dragon ball Kai that is merely a remasteredand summarized remake of Dragon Ball Z. It was made mainly forextra profit I guess.

Is there going to be another Dragon Ball series in 2012?

Yes! Seems so, I think the series will be "Dragon Ball Hoshi". From what I've seen the graphics are much more enhanced and comparatively better. Hope this helps... And just go onto youtube and follow through all the trailers. They're pretty good!

What is the dragon from Dragon Ball Z called?

Well I am pretty sure it's Shenron? I don't know if I spelled it right though. Sorry hope that helps. Person #2: The person above me spelled Shenron right, and was correct for the EARTH dragon balls. But the dragon balls on Namek have a different dragon, named Porunga.

Is there really a new series for Dragon Ball Z?

The original Dragon Ball was a 16 volume manga series and 168 episode anime series. Dragon Ball Z was a 26 volume manga and 291 episode anime series. Dragon Ball GT is not a manga, but a 64 episode anime series with mixed opinions from fans. After that, nothing. Dragon Ball AF was the rumored sequel ( Full Answer )

Is there a new Dragon Ball Z series?

Yes. I dicovered 3 new series. Dragon ball af. Susha:26 Dragon ball hoshi An unknown series: i will try to find out the name. Power levels Old pan:27,000,000 Goku jr:2.7 Goku jr angry:8.3 Ss goku jr:135 Goku jr later:20 Mamba:19 Baby bear:2 Adult bear:25 Susha:26 Lord yao:47 Goku jr post training:78 ( Full Answer )

Why did Dragon Ball Z stop making series?

If you're asking why the Dragonball Series is not being continued, it's probably because it started in 1986 and all of Akira Toryiama's ideas had been exhausted. Also, the show went on for 11 years and GT went on for a season longer than planned.

What series comes after Dragon Ball Z Kai?

Dragon Ball Z Kai is not a series on it's own. It is the re-edited and remastered version of Dragon Ball Z, without all the useless extras added in, so it can more closely follow the story line of the Manga. You could stretch this to meaning that the series that would follow it would be Dragon Ball ( Full Answer )

How long was the original Dragon Ball Z series on the air?

Dragon Ball Z was based on 26 volumes of the manga series "Weekly Shonen Jump" . These volumes were turned into 291 episodes of the show, these started showing on 26th April 1989 and finished on 31st January 1996.