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Will there be any game like halo on ps3?


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No there will not. Halo is only for xbox as it was made by Microsoft Studios.

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No you can not get Halo for the PS3 or Wii

No Halo is a Xbox 360 game

call of duty and resistence

No, there are no halos for the ps3

The Halo Series is exclusive to the Xbox 360 and will not be out in any other platforms

There is no game quite like Halo, but Destiny is coming out for PS4 as well as X1, and it will have many Halo-like parts.

No the game will not be released in a PS3 version of Halo 4

iv heard that crysis is similar but i doubt it

Xbox And ps3 both are better up to you which games you like the most and what console you like Official game of Xbox 360 is Halo (shooting) game Official game of ps3 is Uncharted (Roleplay) game !

Halo is a Xbox 360 and PC game

no it can't be posible for halo to be on ps3 if it is a posible game the people who mad it is so nuts by mj

Halo wars is unavailable in ps3 as it is a Microsoft game so it is only avalaible in xbox360.

It is not available because it is an exclusive game and not licensed for the PS3

No as it is a Microsoft Game.

No it will not be. Halo is an exclusive Xbox 360 game series

Halo 4 is not out yet and no ps3 will never have any halo games.

Nope. There are two Halo games for the XBox, and one for XBox 360.

if your talking about halo 2 or 3 no not legally anyway. for halo 1 though you "could" load an xbox emulator onto your ps3 and play it like that but most of the emulators for ps3 are quite buggy still.

halo reach but its only going to be on ps3 Zacmoo: what the hell are u talking about its on the XBOX 360 right now! and there is going to be another halo game

Other online game series like Call of Duty are:BattlefieldHalo (Xbox Only)MAG (PS3 Only)Resistance (PS3 Only)

Any one can play Halo Reach, as long as the person has a Xbox (Microsoft product). Halo Reach can not be played on a PS3. Also, you need a game card so you can play online. But, if you do not have a game card you can still play regular

No, which sucks, the only game system it can be on is xbox 360.

No, Halo 4 is strictly made for the Xbox 360. It will not be made for the PlayStation 3

No but the next games made by Bungie will come onto PS3 and Xbox 360.

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