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yes midway is making it and it will come out in 2007

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โˆ™ 2006-03-18 00:47:25
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Q: Will there ever be a TNA video game?
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What date will the TNA wrestling video game come out?

TNA Video Game is coming out in September 2008!

Is their a tna video game?

yeh their is 2 video games, tna impact and tna impact cross the line.

The characters in tna wrestling video game?

go to gamestop ign caws gamingring youtube and tna the video game site

Will tna impact have a video game in 2012?

There are rumors going around that TNA is looking to make another video game but no one knows for sure.

Will they ever make a TNA Knocko game for PS3?

There is a TNA Impact for the PS3

Who are the champions on the tna impact video game?


What are the weapons on tna video game?

the steel chair

Is Orlando Jordan on tna impact the video game?


Was Jeff hardy ever on a tna game?


When will tna video game come out?

The Game Comes Out September 9 2008

How is suicide in tna?

The TNA creative team decided that after the fans took to Suicide on the TNA video game they thought they would put him on the roster.

Is Jeff hardy in tna impact the video game?

He isn't because the tna game hasn't put him on there cause he hasn't been on there for a while ;)

Will there be a tna impact 2011 video game in 2012?

simply no!tna kills the fans who are waiting for this game since long 2 yrs

When is TNA's video game being released?

sept 9th

Tna wrestling video game?

Don't even bother.

Will there ever be another tna game?

TNA comes on Thursdays on DirecTV channel 244. He asked about the not what time it is on but i doubt there will be a new game

Will there be a tna impact 2 video game?

yes but in mid 2010

Is there going to be another TNA video game?

yes but not in the soon years

Is there such thing as a tna vs WWE video game?

No there is not sir/ma'am.

Is RVD in the tna video game?

i doubt it because he probably retired

How do you get the suicide suit in TNA the video game?

past the the story mode they you get it

Will there be a WWE Vs tna video game togeher?

if there is a game wwf vs wcw there is going to be wwe vs tnano but if they do they should have all Tna and wwe wrestlers.

TNA video game is better then WWE games?

wwe because they have more wresler and tna have 20 12 something like that

Is TNA impact the video game for ps2?

Yes there is a PS2 version of thegame

Is tna impact video game for PS2?

yes it does look it up!! :p