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Sometime in the future, there may well be life on Saturn. In fact, there may currently be life on Saturn, but it is too far away for us to go there or send a rover, currently.

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Would a human freeze on Saturn?

Yes, No Life At This Present Time, Possibly Ever will be supported on Saturn. Saturn Is Mostly Toxic Gas, That has been no discovery of solid ground.

Why life is not on Saturn?

scientifically there was life on Saturn but then somehow the life on Saturn saw your face and died

Has anything ever landed on Saturn?

no one has ever been on Saturn yet!!!

Could there be life on Saturn?

yes it is possible for life to be on Saturn.

Are there any signs of life on Saturn?

No there is no sign of life on Saturn

What lives on Saturn?

There is no life on Saturn.

Will human beings should be able to live on Saturn?

Human beings will probably not be able to ever live on Saturn. The average temperature on Saturn is -176 degrees Celsius, which is far too cold for human life.

Does life exist on Saturn?

We know of no form of life that could exist on Saturn based on our current knowledge of life, Saturn, and the realities of the solar system.No

Would life survive on Saturn?

No, life would not survive on Saturn. Saturn has sub-zero temperatures, harmful gases, and it does not contain the necessities for life.

How many humans have landed on Saturn?

No humans have ever landed on Saturn.

What could be the population of Saturn?

Zero. There is no life on Saturn.

What do aliens eat on Saturn the planet?

There is no life on Saturn.

What are the differences between Earth and Saturn?

the differences are that earth has people living on than Saturn

How many people have survived on Saturn?

None. Nobody has ever been to Saturn.

Who first explored Saturn?

nobody HAS ever explored Saturn if they did- they would be dead

Has any man been on Saturn before?

No, nobody has ever been to Saturn.

When was the last time an astronaut landed on Saturn?

No astronaut has ever landed on Saturn.

What year did the satellite land on Saturn?

No satellite or probe has ever landed on Saturn.

Why is existence of life not possible on Saturn?

It is possible for life to exist on Saturn, just not for most species.

Did Jupiter and Saturn ever meet?


Are there people on Saturn?

There is no evidence of any form of life on Saturn.

Does Saturn have animals?

The planet Saturn has no form of life at all

Why is there no life in Saturn?

Saturn is too cold for life, because it is much further from the Sun than Earth is.

Life on Saturn?

People have always said that there is life on Mars but they have never said that there could be life on Saturn. To find out scientists would need to investigate and think of some ideas of what would be able to survive with the climate on Saturn. Present scientific consensus is that there is no life, as we know it on Saturn.

Has a sacecraft ever been to Saturn?

Yes mariner 3 has been to the planet Saturn

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