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Nintendo has thought of making a new Nintendogs but no one knows for sure yet.

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Can dog make new born puppies in nintendogs?

no....I wish

How do you make a new game in Nintendogs?

press L R A B Y X Start and select at the title of nintendogs

Can Nintendogs breed and make puppies?

yes,nintendogs can make puppies

Nintendogs do the get older?

Assuming you mean Do nintendogs get older No they do not. Ever. They stay puppies FOREVER.

How do you make your Nintendogs have puppies?

Your Nintendogs cannot have puppies!

Is there a trick to make your Nintendogs nice to your other Nintendogs?


How do you get your dogs smaller on Nintendogs?

there is no cheat or code to make your nintendogs small

Will Nintendogs 2 even come out?

No I don't think so. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ No. But they do come up with new nintendogs with more dogs. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There will b a Nintendogs and Cats. There are new dogs and cats:)

Can you feed Nintendogs water to make them breed?

No, Nintendogs can never breed or have puppies.

Can you make puppies on Nintendogs?


How do you make a new account on Nintendogs?

You can't make a new Account, but if you want to delete your Account, press: A B Y Z R and L. I think.

Will there be a second Nintendogs?

Well there are already lots of nintendogs lke dachund and friends and dalmation and friends and more, but they might improve it or they might make a new one like ninten cats

Can Nintendogs make pups?

no, sorry

Can you and a friend both have a puppy with each others dogs on Nintendogs?

No. There is no way to make puppies on Nintendogs.

How many days does it take for your dog to have a puppy in Nintendogs?

In nintendogs your dog can not have a puppy. You can only but new dogs.

Can you get Nintendogs on the Wii?

No you cannot. Nintendo is still thinking about making a Nintendogs for Wii. So hopefully they will make it (:

How do you get points on Nintendogs plus cats Golden Retriever and New Friends?

on nintendogs all you do is feed,and care for your dog.

Do Nintendogs ever become adults?

Yes you can on nintendogs Dalmatian and friends. There is an action replay code. You can look it up on this website and it should say so.

How do you make new breeds come in faster on nintendogs?

nintendogs-bigger dogs breed faster like dalmatians and if you are breeding bigger dogs and you want to put the ribbon on the dog than get one with floppy ears.

How do you begin a new game in Nintendogs dachshund and friends?

if you have a new game,put it in your DS and turn it on hit nintendogs and it will show a door knock on it then you buy your dogs.

Did they make a Nintendogs Michael Vick edition?


How can you make your dog runaway on Nintendogs?

Kick it

Can you make Nintendogs breed faster?

No you can't.

In Nintendogs can you make your own breeds coz i want a bordercollie but they dont do it on Nintendogs?

Your dogs can't even have babies on nintendogs. I have had my nintendogs for 2 years now, and i have never had any babies. I have looked into this and all the sources i find say you cannot have babies on nintendogs, therefore I doubt you can make your own breeds, sorry. it sucks bad but try try try

How do you make puppies on Nintendogs?

Did you mean breeding two dogs to make puppies?This is not possible in Nintendogs, as the dogs will always remain as puppies and therefore cannot be bred.You can get puppies by buying them in the Kennel; there is no other alternative source to get a dog in Nintendogs.