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yes it will, well it belongs to you and your boy friends situation how you guys like eachother. can you manage your love life, can you spend your love life with her.

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What do you do when you've got a massive crush on a guy I've only met twice and never spoken to before?

Well if you have a crush on him and you don't know him well then you should get to know him better and maybe things will get better.

What should you do if your crush has a crush on a girl who is better than you?

Dont spend your time to the crush of your crush..... If you are ready you may just tell to your crush that you are more better than her (and kick the face of the crush of your crush(just Joking)or you may go to your crush and talk him something funny and if you be a friend that's good and do your good plan at that time..........!!(smile)

Is there a difference between having a crush and being in love if the crush lasts?

yes... love and a crush are to very different things...a crush only means yo think a certin quality about him/her is cute...where as love is something you feel towards a person that you really really really sare about and would do anything for him/her...

How do you get a girl to have a crush?

Well use the body language around her in an appropriate way, get to know her better, and do sweet things for her, maybe ask her out too.

Why does your crush tell you their crush?

It's conversation. People like to tell things to their friends.

Who is Bowser Jr secret crush?

If he does have any crush, it's just that - a secret crush. The Mario canon doesn't reveal these things.

How am pregnant at 11 years old from my crush and my mom doesn't know how do I tell her?

You need to tell your Mom NOW. Waiting will not make things better.

What to do if your crush is a jerk?

give him a 2nd chance if he doesn't get better you can be with a better guy.

Is it worth liking a guy who has a crush on your best friend?

No. This can cause relationship problems between you and your friend. Friends are always better than crushes.

What type of drawings is in Jamie's journal in Read It And Weep?

The things that go on in her life THE ROPE , her crush and her after crush

What does it mean when your crush is in you dreams?

It means that you have a crush on someone. Our dreams reflect how we feel about things in our waking life.

What is better between the antivirus and the Internet security?

Neither one is better as they protect you from different things. You need both.

What do you do if your crush forces you to kiss him?

Tell him the truth. How did you feel about it? Not only will it make you feel better but your crush will also respect you.

Which teeth are used to crush and grind things?


What to do when you have a crush and you want for him to tell you cute things?


How do i know that i have a crush?

You will be in love with someone if you have a crush on them.

What is bearing crush?

Interference between journal bearing to bearing housing is called bearing crush.

What should you do if your crush dumps you?

Hold your head up move on and don't dwell on it. Everyone goes through this and I can guarantee things will get better and look up for you in the near future.

Impact of technology in business communication?

it allows us to better communicate between branches as well as run things better

What is difference between crash and crush?

"Crash" is to slam against something. "Crush" is to compact something. You crush, not crash, a soda can in your fist; and you crash, not crush, a model airplane against a wall.

What do you do if your friend crush doesn't have a crush on her but has a crush on you?

If Ur friend's crush in feel in you u should have a talk about it with her and tell her that u don't have a crush on him but if u do you should still talk about it with Ur friend!!! Hope u get things the way they should be ttyl

What should you do if you are friends with someone your crush hates?

Make a choice. Look carefully at the behavior of your "crush." If he or she is manipulative and controlling, you might do better to stick with the friend and find another crush.

What is the difference between a crush and being in love?

a crush is if you like someone and being in loveis if you are dating.a crush is if you like someone and being in loveis if you are dating.

Should you tell your parents about your crush you are ten years old?

You better not, but if she/he likes you too then try to go out, and talk. If there's something between you two, then you better tell your parents, but don't give them loads of details.

If your friend is in love with your crush what do you do?

If their not dating then don't worry about it. But if they are then just be nice to both of them. Just keep talking to your crush and create a good friendship between the two of you so at least you can be around your crush more often, as you are friends. Don't be mean to your friend either, as friends are one of the most important things you can have in life.