Will this help diabetic

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An insalin pump is so much better then getting shots every single day

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Q: Will this help diabetic
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Diabetic Food Chart?

Keeping a diabetic food chart will help you stay on track with what is healthy for a diabetic to eat.

Where can I get help planning my diabetic husband's meals?

You can find diabetic meal plans at

Is there such thing as a diabetic cookie recipe?

Yes, there are diabetic cookie recipes that do not have as much sugar in them, and can help you if you are diabetic. If you are diabetic, I suggest you check them out, because they are very good. My son is diabetic, and I use these recipes all the time.

What are diabetic meals and their significance?

Diabetic meals are significant to people that are diabetic or pre-diabetic and would need to eat these certain types of foods to help control their insulin levels. You can find diabetic meal ideas at

Is there a diabetic diet plan to help me lose weight?

Yes there is a diabetic plan to help you lose weight. A great website to find more information and specific meal plans is

Are there any websites that could help me find easy diabetic recipes?

There are website devoted to people with diabetes such as Remedy Life, and Diabetic Connect. Diabetic connect has a downloadable cookbook with diabetic recipes.

Where can I buy a diabetic pump?

First you would want to contact your physician before making the purchase of a diabetic pump, and they can help you to buy a diabetic pump that is right for you.

Do diabetic cookbooks only contain diabetic specific meals?

Yes. They help diabets control their sugar intake, and carb intake. This helps a diabetic from going ito diabetic coma and it really helps them stay healthy and out of the hospital.

What are some easy diabetic desserts?

well they have a variety of diabetic desserts to help you stay healthy without starving you of those sugary sweets you know and love! has a section for desserts. some diabetic desserts on that page are, diabetic ice cream, sweet potato pie , and diabetic cookies!!!

Does makabuhay plant used to help treatment of diabetic person?


What are good diabetic products to use for diabetics?

Some good diabetic products to use are OneTouch meters, along with the testing strips and needles. Another is diabetic cookbooks sold by diabetic companies to help improve your dieting habits to suit your diabetes.

Can a obese diabetic regain strength of her Weak thin legs by exercise-?

An obese diabetic can absolutely regain strength of her weak and thin legs by exercise. Low impact exercise can help an obese diabetic not only gain strength in her legs, but help get control of her diabetes.

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