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All B-Complex vitamins get excreted through urine so urine will have yellow color and will smell different.

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Q: Will this supplement make my urine smell funny?
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Can the smell of cat urine make you sick?

It can, if you have a strong sense of smell.

Does vicodin make urine smell bad?

No but antibiotics will.

Can poppy seeds make urine smell?


Can cat urine make you blind?

Cat urine can stain clothing and smell bad, some people can actually be allergic to cat urine. Cat urine will not make you blind.

Will Animal Pak Supplements make you fail urine tests?

animal pak is a supplement which is legal and has not banned elements in it. So you need not fear about urine test at allIt is recommended supplement for natural bodybuilders.

Does the nicotine patch make your urine smell?

No nictotine is colourless and odourless

Does taking vesicare or elmiron make you have a metallic smell to your urine?


Can fish oil make your urine smell?

Yes dark and fishy odour

Why does Broccoli make urine smell?

I am not an expert, but isothiocyanates in broccoli, which are the anti-carcinogenic compounds, are released in urine. Thiocyanates are stinky sulfur compounds.

Do carrots eaten daily cause the urine to be soimetimes bright yellow?

As you may already know, beans change your urine to the slightest green, asparagus make your urine smell negative, and radishes make your urine pink! However, the big question is, what color does carrots make you urine? After a long discussion with my fellow coworker, we researched that carrots make your urine YELLOW :)

Does bupropion generic for Wellbutrin make your urine smell bad?

I have the same question. It seem like my son's urine smells awful now that he is taking it.

Does ampicillin make urine have odor?

Yes. I take it and it kind of makes my pee smell like the capsils.