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Will windows 7 games work on Windows 8?


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In general, yes; most software that runs under windows 7 will run under windows 8.

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Only games that worked in Windows Vista will work for Windows 7. Unless, they are games such as The Sims or SimCity.

Yes, the Warcraft series of RTS games should work fine in Windows 7. The MMORPG World of Warcraft will definitely work in Windows 7.

Yes, they work on every other windows version.

Games designed for Windows XP may or may not work on Windows 7, depending on how well the game was programmed. There is no hard and fast rule to determining whether or not a game will work.

No, they can't. It's even opposite. Most of resource demanding programs design for Windows XP only will not work with Windows 7.

Some, check out the system requirements for that game

Answer = Yes.Frostwire is compatible with:Windows 2000Windows XPWindows VistaWindows 7Windows NT

Yes. You can install and play games in Windows 7.

Some games will work, while others will not. There is no definitive answer; it depends on the individual game.

Most, if not all of them. Windows Vista was released prematurely. windows 7 is what windows 7 Should have been.

Yes. Windows Live Messenger can work with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows Mobile.

You can play games made for Windows XP on Windows 7-upgraded/Windows 7-installed PCs and notebooks depending on whether or not the game meets the same requirements as the edition of Windows 7 you currently have does.

Yes,you can run Windows Live Messenger for Windows XP on Windows 7. And all of the other Windows Live Essentials for Windows XP work on Windows 7 without any problems. So you can install and run all of the Windows Live Essentials for Windows XP on Windows 7 and Windows Vista. You can get Windows Live Essentials for Windows XP from the Microsoft website.

Absolutely! In fact, all programs that worked with Vista (which includes Office 2003) will easily work on Windows 7. Just for future reference, many old Windows programs will work on Windows 7. I can still play some old Windows 95/98 games on my Windows 7 computer and they play perfectly!

The iPod Touch will work with Windows 7.

yes it should work on windows 7 :)

as its new, it will work for windows 7

If it worked on Windows Vista it will work on Windows 7.

Yes, standard mouse does work with Windows 7.

Yes it does work on windows 7 but you need Java.

Yes, Dungeons and Dragons Online will work on Windows 7.

Yes - Open Office will work with Windows 7.

Once you have installed Halo 2 simply install Games for windows live, or if you have another games for windows live game you have already gotten to work you can simply reinstall the game you got to work earlier.

Yes, it works perfect in Windows 7.

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