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Not if any managed to get inside.

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βˆ™ 2010-08-28 22:18:23
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Q: Will wiping after sex help prevent pregnancy?
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Is softdrinks can prevent pregnancy if taken after sex?

No, softdrinks can not prevent pregnancy

Can taking two birth control pills in one day help prevent pregnancy?

no. not having sex, especially unprotected, can prevent pregnancy.

How does vinegar clean your system?

Vinegar does not "clean your system." it will not help you pass a drug test, stop a pregnancy, or prevent pregnancy after sex.

Does trichomoniasis prevent pregnancy?

No but this is also not a time when you should have sex.

Can you have pregnancy symptoms during sex?

Yes , but sex during pregnancy is proven to help relieve the pains of pregnancy.

Can douching help after having unprotected sex?

Douching after having unprotected sex will not protect against pregnancy, nor will it help prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Birth control is the only reliable method of preventing pregnancy, and safe sex (condoms) are the best protection from STD's.

Is sitting posture for women is safe as she don't want to get pregnant?

No particular sex "posture" will prevent pregnancy. The only things that prevent pregnancy are not having sex (abstinence) and birth control.

Can HIV harm you?

Yes but if you are going to have sex, always use condoms(latex condoms) because these can help prevent HIV and pregnancy.

Is there an organic method to prevent pregnancy?

Abstaining from vaginal sex is an all-natural method of avoiding pregnancy.

Do slimming pills affect the birth control pill?

If you have sex you can get pregnant, BCP help prevent pregnancy. Diet pills don't matter.

What can you buy to prevent pregnancy?

Birth control, condoms, the morning after pill, no sex.

How teen pregnancy can be improved?

Teen pregnancy can be improved my spreading awareness. Telling your friends about how to have safe sex is a great way to prevent teen pregnancy. Knowing the facts about sex and how to not get pregnant.

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