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When wood is cut, the sap evaporates. ÊWhen re-introduced to moisture, there may be a degree of re-absorption, but it should not expand.

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Does dry wood expand?

No wood does not expand when its dry

What effect does water have on wood through many years of being submersed?

water has the affect on wood that the water is absorbed into the wood sometimes changing the shape or density

Can a ventless natural gas burner be installed in a wood burning fireplace insert?

No, it will cause the wood to expand and eventually crack into a million small, tiny peices No, it will cause the wood to expand and eventually crack into a million small, tiny peices No, it will cause the wood to expand and eventually crack into a million small, tiny peices No, it will cause the wood to expand and eventually crack into a million small, tiny peices

Which direction does wood expand By width?

Grain expands width wise, and to a lesser extent the thickness expands. The lenght of the wood will not expand at all however.

What material allows concrete sections to expand on bridges?

Material such as wood allow the concrete to expand

Does wood expand when heated?

Wood (specially timber) absorbs moister from surrounding. When we burn timber, the water inside it evaporates. It tries to escape out from the pores of wood. As a result the effective volume of wood decreases. So when wood is heated, it should not expand, but contract on its own.

Does wood expand?

Yes, especially if it gets damp!

Do all objects expand when heated?

All objects do not expand on heating.....Only metals expand on heating.....non metals like wood,plastic,etc do not expand on heating.

Does wood expand in hot or cold weather?

yes it does in hot

How does water effect wood?

it makes water distort and change. it can either make wood expand or shrink

Does wood expand with cold?

Yes, just as a bottle of soda would because the wood is full of water.

Can you glue wood flooring to concrete subfloor?

I would not. The wood has to expand and contract with temp changes. Your floor will buckle if you do.

What makes wood strong?

the phloem and xylem within the wood gives the wood rigidity...

Does Alex Wood throw right or left?

MLB player Alex Wood throws left.

Does Travis Wood throw right or left?

MLB player Travis Wood throws left.

Why do screws not rust?

One reason is that when a wood screw is screwed into a piece of wood, the wood fibers expand and cut off the oxygen. Without oxygen there is no oxidation.

How many Wood Bison are left?

The are only 3 Wood Bison left.

When does wooden furniture expand?

When the atmospheric humidity exceeds the moisture content of the wood.

Why does wood expand with heat?

Because the volume of water expands with increased temperature.

Can you hammer a screw?

It is not a good practice, but people do it. Some will tap a screw with a hammer to start a hole. Others will drive it all the way in. That is bad for the screw and the wood.Hammering a screw is counter-productive and will not have good results:When you hammer a nail into wood, the sides of the nail compress the wood. The compressed wood wants to expand pressing on the sides of the nail. The pressure keeps the nail in place preventing it from coming out of the wood.When you hammer a screw into wood, the threads of the screw "chew out" the wood pressing it downward, possibly compressing it in a downward direction, leaving little or no wood to hold the screw in place The compressed wood, wanting to expand may tend to expand upwards pushing the screw out.

Does Copper expand more when heat than wood?

It depends on what type of wood, but overall copper does expand more than wood when heated. The main measure of predicting the amount of a material would expand under heating is the coefficient of linear thermal expansion, which is a ratio of the amount of expansion per temperature change, the higher the number, the more it will expand when heated. Copper has a coefficient of 16.6 m/(m Kelvin), while pine has a coefficient of 5 m/(m Kelvin), which suggests that copper expands more when heated than wood (at least pine).

What is manufactured wood?

manufactured wood is man made wood Manufactured wood is wood shavings left over from factories,which is then compressed together with glue.

What is in the fireplace after a fire?

coal left from the wood or if you just use wood ash.

Why would an empire want to expand?

for raw materials - such as oil, coal, wood, iron ect

What happens when a door expands?

A door expand when the wood absorb water and during variations of the temperature.