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If you buy a Moshi Monsters Membership Time Card and use it for a paid membership on Moshi Monsters, then yes, you will be a Moshi Member/Super Moshi.

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You have to be a Moshi Member to change the color. To be a moshi member you have to pay, there are 2 Different ways to pay, By Credit Card or a TimeCard that you can buy from some stores.

You can not have more than one Moshi Monster on your member account. You can start another Moshi Monster member account to get a different Moshi Monster.

Without being a Moshi Member it's not possible to change the colour of your monster.

You need to go to the Moshi Membership page and click the Join Now button. Or, buy a Moshi Membership card.

A Moshi Monster member can get all of the moshlings on Moshi Monsters.

To get in, you have to be a Moshi Member.

I don't know how to change your age in moshi monsters you can only change your password and monster color if your a moshi memberI AM A MOSHI MEMBER ADD ME mimi2165

Yes. To be a Super Moshi you need to be a paid Moshi Member on Moshi Monsters.

You can only change you monster if you are a member.

add mojisir1 in moshi monster and he will give you a code to become a member

No and Yes. You only have to pay to be a Moshi Member.

Become a moshi member by paying

According to the Moshi Monsters web site, over 50 million Moshi Monsters have been adopted. That means there are many who have a Moshi Monster member account!

No Moshling can make you be a Moshi Monster member. You need to sign up to be a member and then choose if you want the free Basic Membership or if you want the paid Moshi Monsters membership.

You do not need a secret code to get a Moshi Monster. You get your Moshi Monster when you sign up for your Moshi Monsters member account.

If you are a paid Moshi Member, you can take your Moshi Monster to the Colorama in the Port. You can change the color of your Moshi Monster at the Colorama. It costs 100 Rox to use the Colorama.

You have to be a paid Moshi Member to get items that are only for Moshi Members.

You can buy Moshi Monster Time Cards in stores and pay for them with cash but if you purchase your membership online, you will need to use a credit card.

Yes. You need to pay for a subscription or purchase a Moshi Time Card and enter the code when you sign in to your account.

Once you have logged into your account, then you go to the Moshi Monsters Time Card web page to enter the code number found on the back side of the card, under the scratch off panel.

whenever you want but you have to be a moshi member

You do not need a member card to get the free Basic membership on Moshi Monsters.

It is not possible to change your Moshi Monster color once it has been adopted, unless you are a paid member.

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