Will you be able to run a netbook on a Linux?


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Absolutely. I do it all the time. I'd check hardware compatibility if you're asking about specific hardware, but Linux runs on netbooks no problem

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The operating system included with this Netbook is HP Mobile Internet, which is built on Linux. So, yes, this Netbook is compatible with Linux.

Linux netbooks can be be purchased from Linux-netbook, Butnetbookcomputer, Tiger Direct and Best Buy. The netbooks can also be purchased from Amazon and eBay.

Depending upon the processor power of the NetBook it is possible to run iTunes on a NetBook with the Windows operating system

Yes. Intel Netbook can do so

Yes. All you have to do is get an xbox 360, get viva piñata, run in, put it on the netbook, and there you have it. Viva Piñata running on a netbook.

Yes. OpenOffice can be installed and run on a netbook.

Many netbooks come with Linux preinstalled. Better go for Win XP it's Cool

ActiveX is a proprietary technology created and maintained by Microsoft available exclusively to Windows. You will not be able to run anything ActiveX on Linux.

It already can. There are some fax machines on the market with linux drivers. There is also linux based software that can run a computer-based fax (many fax servers run on Linux). There are also online fax services that will work on Linux through the web browser (they don't run "on the os" but they are fully browser-friendly).

There is nothing particularly unique about this notebook; any modern Linux distribution should be able to run on it without problems.

The use of a Linux Virtual Machine is to run a copy of Linux on your current operation system. This will allow you to run various applications that only run on Linux.

Yes, if it matches the min specs. Intel netbook Comes with Win7

It depends on the Linux you are running. There are thousands of Linux distros. It is possible that your distro wasn't intended to run DVD-ROM. But most Linux will run them.

There aren't many good Linux distros that work well on notebook computers. However if Ubuntu is the standout choice if you really want Linux on your LapTop computer.

One can find instructions on how to run e2sck Linux by checking the Linux website directly. There are clear instructions on how to run all Linux programs.

Yes. Many popular websites run PHP on Linux.

This really depends on what netbook you have, If you have a bog standard internet netbook then maybe not, You will need about 1.7ghz processor to run it on low graphics with an fps of around 15-20So you would need a pretty advanced netbook to run it. As most netbooks are intended for internet browsing.Runescape is allways an option.(But strongly disadvisded.

A netbook will probably start and run slower than a desktop, but the real advantage comes in weight and portability.

install wine and then you will be able to run .exe files on ubuntu

Linux can run with virtually any hardware configuration, but it is best to check the system requirements for your Linux distro.

To run exe files in Linux is easy and quick. All you have to do is go to Linux and download the files you want.

Whoa! Of course you can't run linux inside of minecraft. That would be crazy.... However, Minecraft officially supports Linux.

Yes. Linux distributions that run on ARM processors can be run on a computer with a VIA 8505 processor.

with Linux you can run in almost any machine, but you need a minimal requirements and knowledge about the machine a example people cant run Linux in some cell phone has the power to run Linux but can´t because it is hard to get the information about the processor

Linux administration is a short course on how to become Linux administrator. In Linux administration, you may learn how to run Linux in advanced, learn the Linux techniques and troubleshooting.

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