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However, raisins and grapes can be harmful to dogs.

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Can a hamster die from eating raisins?

nope the hamsters eat raisins as part of their diets

Is it safe for a squirrel to eat raisins?

No if you do they die. You can see their guts.

Can chinchillas eat raisins?

Yes, Chinchillas can eat raisins but only as treats.

Can squirrels eat raisins?

Yes, squirrels can eat raisins. But not too many XD

Are raisins fattening?

Raisins are not considered to be fattening, but could cause you to gain weight if you eat a huge amount of raisins. Because raisins contain iron, it is best to eat them in moderation.

Can you eat raisins while taking warfarin?

Raisins and comadin

How do you find out which cereal has the most raisins?

count them? or eat a bowl of raisins?

Can porcupines eat raisins?

no , but they can eat knob!

Can you eat raisins if you are diabetic?


Can rabbits eat bologna?

rabbits can eat anything. exsept raisins, no one likes raisins. not even dogs.

Will a ladybird eat fruit?

They do eat fruit. They eat grapes and raisins.

How many raisins should you eat a day?

one quarter cup or 50 raisins

Can mice eat raisins?

yes they can

Can you eat raisins for diabetes?


Can you eat raisins if you have diabetes?

Yes you can

Do parrots eat raisins?


Do crickets eat raisins?


Can dogs eat raisins and grapes?


Can birds eat raisins?

They should now how to eat rasins.

Do ladybugs eat rasins?

yes lady bugs do eat raisins. What you can do is soak raisins in water for about 4-5 minutes(2-3 raisins is about enough for a week). take them out and cut them into tiny pieces because ladybugs have very small mouths. Put the raisins in the habitat/cage and watch them eat!

Does Noah Cyrus like raisins?

yes she does. She sprinkles some raisins over her breakfast sometimes because she doe'snt like to eat raisins by themselves

How many raisins can a cat eat?


Can pet mice eat raisins?

Yes, they can.

How many raisins do you have to eat for iron?


How many raisins does a dog have to eat before getting sick?

1 because dogs can't have raisins cause raisins are grapes and dogs cant have grapes!~!!~

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