Legumes are dry fruits that grow in pods that split with a seem down both sides. Some common types of legumes are beans, peas, carob, lentils, and peanuts.

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How much do peas cost per kg?

it depends on what store you get it from

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How do you split cardamom pods?

This is the way to split a cardamom pods:

  1. Hold the pod in your hand and crack it with your finger so you can split it open.
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What are Partially Defatted Peanuts?

They are peanuts with some (but not all) of the fat removed. You can also get partially defatted cocoa, which is used a lot in low-cal hot chocolate. Both taste the same as the real thing. Removing the fat can add shelf life (nut fats go rancid quickly), or make the product appear nutritionally "healthier".


Is green bean casserole good for you?

Yes, green bean casserole is good for you. It is not junk food.

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Where can you buy green Valencia peanuts online?

On E-Bay

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Can you freeze black bean soup?

yes, :) tastes great when heated back up :)


In medieval crop rotation did the fallow field have a grass or legume growing on it or was it empty?

The fallow field was allowed to grow whatever grew there, and was often used for grazing. Legumes were grown in the other fields, but in the Middle Ages, they did not have New World beans, and legumes were mostly peas and fava beans.

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How to prepare fresh pigeon peas for freezing?

wash it with water, let it dry well, put it in a zip lock bag taking all the air out

Black Beans

How much does one cup of black beans cost?

That depends if you are purchasing them dried or canned. Dried (in the bulk foods section of the grocery store), would probably be a few cents, canned would be more, but still under 1 dollar.


How do you use leftover green bean casserole?

You can package up many of the leftover Thanksgiving foods (including the green bean casserole) and give it to the homeless.


Are green split peas high sugar?

split green peas are not high in sugar, in fact there low in it. however they are hi in carbohydrates and protein if you get the right amount.


Is macadamia nut a legume?

No. The macadamia nut is not a legume.


Where did peanuts get their name?

Two possibilities here:

  1. The peanut, the legume from which peanut butter is made, was given the name "peanut" in America circa 1790, as it is a legume (similar to a pea) that resembles a nut.
  2. Peanuts, the comic strip formerly known as L'il Folks, developed by Chrles Schultz was so named in 1950 when Charles Schultz syndicated the strip for publication daily in US national newpapers by United Features Syndicate. United Features renamed Schultz's Li'l Folk because it was too similar to two other existing comic strips that were running at the time it debuted.

Where in the world are peas grown?

many different places-- they are easy to grow. they grow almost everywhere in the USA, and all over New England for sure!


What is caco beans?

Cacoa beans, also called cocoa beans, are the dried and fermented fatty beans from which cocoa solids and cocoa butter are extracted.


How much does a bag of beans cost?



How did the navy bean get its name?

Navy beans were of course a very common food in the navy for its high protein and lasting shelf life. They also weren't he worst tasting thing out there, so they decided to stick with it.

Storage of Dry Goods

How long do dried beans last?

In a waterproof container up to 2 years.

If stored hermetically sealed and in the absence of oxygen, they can last even longer. See Related Links.


Why do Americans traditionally eat cabbage black eye peas and hog jowl on January 1?

January 1 FareThe tradition is that you celebrate decadently on New Year's Eve with caviar and champagne (or the best food you can afford) to ring out the old year in style. And then, on New Year's Day, you eat more soberly in order to bring luck and prosperity for the upcoming year.

Therefore, "poorer foods" - such as Hoppin' John (black-eyed pea dish), cabbage (sauerkraut) and pork (whether hog jowls, pig's feet or just pork roast) - are served on New Year's Day.


What is shelf life of great northern beans?

If they are dried beans they will be good for months or years if kept in a cool dry place. If they have been cooked and canned, they will last up to 2 years. If they are cooked and not canned they can be kept in the fridge for up to 3 days or frozen for up to six months.


What is the journey of a cocoa bean?

Watch Good Eats on Food Network. There is an episode on coffee and chocolate and it tells you about the cocoa bean and it's journey to be made into something delicious, or just about its heritage and how it became popular in the USA or Canada and England. Hope you check it out, and i hope this helps a little. :)


Where can you buy fresh English peas?

Because English Peas don't have a specific growing season, they can be purchased year round. In order to purchase fresh peas, you should either check with local farms or farmers or go to farmers markets. Because English Peas are only good 2-3 days after picking, most of them are sold to companies for canning or freezing. Call around, and see if the farmers markets or farmers near you have any available; if they don't, ask if they can tell you where you can get them.


Can dogs eat legumes?

Yes, but they shouldn't be the main component of their diet. Legumes have a lot of fiber and can cause gas and loose stool in dogs.


Farmers rotate their crops regularly and grow legumes in order to?

get proteins and nutrients back in the soil


Can you eat Edamme Bean Pods?

yes you can,in japan and china the pods are boiled with salt for flavour. they are usually served after cooling.


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