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Q: Will you fail the royal marines medical if you had the cruciate knee ligement reconstruction 5 years ago?
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What is medical billing code 29888?

CPT Code 29888- Arthroscopically aided anterior cruciate ligament repair/augmentation or reconstruction.

Can Marine nurses have ranks?

The US Marines does not have doctors and nurses. The US Navy provides medical personnel to support the Marines. Yes, all doctors and nurses are officers in the Medical Corps.

Did Lee Marvin get a dishonorable discharge from the Marines?

No, he got a medical discharge

Can you join the marines if you are deaf in one ear?

yes!! you can join the marines if you are deaf in one ear,but since its a medical condition,you may need waivers

Can you take Effexor and oxycodone together?

im in the marines and my medical officer is having me do it so....

How do you become a medic in the US Marines?

you enlist in the navy as a corpsman and you will be assigned a medical profession.

Marines will be measure for body fat by personnel responsible for monitoring the unit's weights control program by medical personnel Individuals of the same will measure Marines?


What does the medical abbreviation PCl mean?

Percutaneous Coronary InterventionPosterior Cruciate Ligament(a ligament that helps attach the femur (bone of the thigh) to the tibia (bone of the lower leg)

What does the medical abbreviation ACL mean?

ACL stands for Anterior Cruciate Ligament - the main ligament in the knee binding the back of the thigh bone to the front of the shin bone.

What is a Corpsman in the Marines?

A corpsman in the Marine Corps is a FMF Corpsman (Fleet Marine Force Corpsman), in a nutshell their job is to provide medical support to Marines, as well as being a rifleman.

Will the marines kick you out for having a medical card?

well if you actually have a legitimate medical condition, you probably won't be able to serve in the first place, and if you don't have a condition, that means you're abusing it. I'm not in the Marines, so I can't say, but I can only assume it to be probably.

What is the medical term for the initials acl?

The medical term for the initials acl is Anterior Cruciate Ligament, which is a tearing in the knee or if the knee is hit too hard by or on something, if it is stretched out too much, and from a sudden stop while running and jumping too hard.

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