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Will you lose freon if you replace the ac high pressure switch?

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You will definitely lose all of your Freon when you replace the high pressure switch. Once the high pressure switch is loosen the Freon will begin to access the system.

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Freon leaking through the high pressure switch why?

Switch could be bad or the schraeder valvee the switch screws into could be bad

Can you remove the high low AC Switch without losing all your freon?

Not without some specialized equipment. Any good A/C repair shop can remove the Freon, replace the switch, and install the same Freon again, thus loosing none.

Where is the AC cycle switch located on a 1999 Ford Escort How hard is to replace?

There is actually a low-pressure switch and a high-pressure switch. The low-pressure switch is located on the right side rear of the engine compartment on top of the AC accumulator. The high switch is on the AC high pressure line in the area behind the left headlamp assembly. Niether one is hard to replace, it's self-explanatory when you see them.

What is Freon capacity 1997 intrepid?

Since a 1997 Intrepid has a high pressure cut off switch, it is OK to put a whole 1 pound can of Freon in it. You will need to do this after charging the system.

Is the ac line under pressure and if so how do you relieve it to replace the compressor?

Yes the ac lines are under pressure. The high side is under dangerously high pressure. The Freon needs to be removed by a reclaiming machine and the pressure will be removed.

Will the air conditioner on your car stop working if you add to much freon?

Yes. there is a low and high pressure cutoff switch for the newer cars 1995+

What is the high pressure of the freon in an air conditioner?


How do you engage the ac compressor to add freon on a 1990 Buick Riviera?

there is a high pressure switch on the line or the accumalator, unplug it and place a jumper wire into the connector

What happening when you are overcharging an air conditioning with freon?

discharge pressure is high, suction pressure is high superheat is low and subcooling is high.

How do you recharge AC on 1984 Chevy c-10?

Connect the pressure gauge to the high pressure port. Discharge your Freon into the low pressure port. Stop the Freon discharge when the Freon engage reaches the appropriate level.

What does a ac pressure switch do?

A pressure switch a valve that shuts off the unit when the pressure is to low or to high

Where is the ac high pressure cutoff switch located at on a 1988 suzuki samurai?

it does not have a high pressure switch all it has is a evaporator temp sensor/switch.

Which side does the freon go into the high or low pressure end?

R134a goes into the low pressure port

Your air conditioning compressor on a 1996 Lincoln town car wont cut in but the clutch turns freely by hand?

check to see if you have enough low side freon pressure and/or if the low pressure switch is working. bypass switch by crossing the wires of the switch with a paperclip to apply trigger voltage to the coil on the compressor,also check to see if there is voltage going to the low pressure switch,if these measures don't work,disconnect the high pressure switch to see if that switch is stuck and shutting off power thru the relay.

A refrigerator with a freon restriction would have what symptoms?

High head pressure; low suction pressure; overheated compressor

How to add freon to a 335 i sedan?

Charged on the low side service port. If you connect a small can of Freon to the high side with the system on, the can may explode from the high pressure introduced into it.....

What makes the compressor stop running?

low on freon or too high pressure or thermostat

How do you charge freon in a 2002 Chevrolet impalla?

Charged on the low side service port. If you connect a small can of Freon to the high side with the system on, the can may explode from the high pressure introduced into it.....

You change ac compressorand and high pressure switch on 1998 Chevy truck still don't work but if tye the high switch wires together it works what could it be?

That is probably either an airlock in the system because of being improperyl evacuated, and/or low of freon. The first problem contrubutes to the second.

1970 Chevrolet high speed blower switch not working?

replace the switch.

What does a high pressure switch do?

a hi pressure switch will limit the pressure by stoping motion (turn off motor) (unload cyclinder) ect

Why did the air compressor quit turning?

Seized? Low freon charge? High head pressure?

What side do you put freon in on out unit high or low side?

Freon goes into the low pressure side of the air conditioning system. The attachment from the gauge used to put the freon in will only attach to the low pressure valve so it would be pretty hard to do it incorrectly.

When installing new ac high pressure switch o ring blows from pressure release. how do i fix this problems?

I just tried to replace my high pressure switch and I overtightened the new one... what a pain... so the whole A/C blew. Nevertheless, I think I understand your question. When you're loosening the switch you will notice a little leak through about two to three turns of the wrench. This is normal. Then remove the switch, replace the o ring, and put the switch back on. You may want to check your manual for specs on how tight to tighten the switch. Like I said, I overtightened mine and the threads separated from the switch and I leaked my whole A/C system dry.

If you remove the cap on the high pressure valve of an auto air condioner should it be leaking freon out the valve?

No, it should not leak freon because it is supposed to be a sealed unit.