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Is a prenuptual agreement signed during common law living good after you marry?

I'm sure this varies, but I think you will find that a prenup needs to be specific about whether or not you are married, but an attorney would be the best interpreter of this.

Who did Felix mendelssohn marry?

Ceclie Jeanrenaud

Who asked Elizabeth I to marry them?

raquel Felix

Who did Carmelo Anthony marry?

LaLa Vazquez

Who did Saint Anthony marry?

There are many saints named Anthony but I have found none who were married.

Who did Susan B. Anthony marry?

Susan B. Anthony never married anyone.

Did Julius marry cleo patra?

No it was marc anthony

When did Cleopatra marry mark Anthony?

Yes Cleopatra VII was married to Mark Anthony. They were both in love.

Why did Susan B. Anthony never marry?

Perhaps because she was a lesbian and lesbians were not allowed to marry at that time.

What is a prenuptial agreement?

A prenuptial agreement is written prior to marriage. It is an agreement by the people intending to marry about the divisions of property and spousal support if the pair end up deciding to divorce.

What agreement is reached between Paris and Juliet's father?

Paris will marry Juliet

What agreement does the knight make with the old woman?

That if she tells him what what desire most, he will have to marry her.

Who did Jennifer Lopez marry at her Los Angeles mansion in 2004?

Marc Anthony

Who is the only british prime minister to marry a divorced woman?

Anthony Eden

Can your landlord evict you if you marry a convicted felon and move them in your apartment?

Check your lease agreement. If it is not stated in your lease agreement that felons are not permitted, then you have not broken any part of the agreement and the landlord is in violation of your contract. Sue him for breach.

What does perseus do for Andromeda?

After he gets the agreement of her parents to marry Andromeda, Perseus saves her from the sea monster.

Does a prenuptial agreement follow you with the second marriage to the same person?

No. A prenuptial agreement is good ONLY for the nuptials (marriage) in the agreement. Once you divorce, the nuptials (marriage) in question have come to an end. Even if you marry the same person a second time, that is considered NEW nuptials (new marriage) and would require a new prenuptial agreement. Or you could marry the person WITHOUT a prenup the second time. It is up to the participants.

Did Marc Antony marry Cleopatra?

Yes. Marc Anthony married Cleopatra. They had several Children.

Why did she marry Roman Mark Anthony?

Who? Which "she" are you asking about? Mark Antony had five wives and they were all "shes."

Can you mention that you will not marry to any other person in live in relation agreement?

You can mention it, but the provision would not be enforceable since marriage is a civil right that can only be waived voluntarily. If one of the parties to the agreement changes his or her mind and wants to marry later, there is no legal way to prevent it.

What agreement do Paris and lord Capulet reach?

That when Juliet gets a little older, she can marry Paris, if she likes him.

Can a minor marry a 26 year old?

If your state allows prenumptual agreement, but that reqiuires the parent's approval

Why didn't susan b anthony marry?

Susan didn't marry because in her time, women had more rights if they did not marry such as, owning their own land, and not sitting in a house all day cleaning up after a husband and child.

Is Anthony kiedis going to marry his girlfriend heather Christie?

Answerno, Anthony Kiedis is going to marry Tim Curry's daughter Edith Bell.Edith is a beautiful talented girl who legally changed her name from Edith Curry to Edith Bell in 2002. Edith Also has facebook her name is Edith Bell and her profile picture is of Anthony. Edith and Anthony met backstage at one of his concerts, as Edith had a back stage pass.

In Eclipse where were Bella and Edward when Bella agrees to marry him?

in the book they were in Edward's room when she made the agreement. in the movie they were in ''their'' meadow.