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The metric unit of mass is the kilogram.

The metric unit of length is the meter.

The metric unit of time is the second.

The metric unit of electric charge is the coulomb.

All other units are combinations or multiples of these.

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The "metric system", more precisely the SI, has lots of units, depending on what you want to measure. Check the Wikipedia article on "SI units" for a list.

Scroll down to related links and look at "Conversion of units - Wikipedia".

Nothing on that list is a part of both US and metric systems. (In fact, nothing on that list is a part of either one.)

There are thousands of measurement units in both systems and it is not possible to list them all.

changing units form kilograms to pounds, Metric to Imperial and so can finds a list of converted units here:

Metric and Imperial units are units of measurements based on different initial standards. They include such things as length, weight (mass), time etc. The standard units are given, all other units in the system are derived from the standard units to ensure compatibility within the system Standard units in the metric system are; (not a complete list) Length: metre Mass: kilogram time : second In the imperial system the units would be; Length: yard (since 1958) Mass: pound Time : second There are conversion tables to change one system to another. For instance you can say 30 mph is equal to 42.28 kph and both parties will know the speed if they use different standards.

i have recipes with grams as a measurement term. i do not have a conversion list can you help and show me a list of converting british to American cookingand baking measurements please pleaseAdditionlook at the list of related links, there is a cooking conversion calculator there and it can do what you need

The Mint switched to metric units for all coin specifications several years ago. See the Related Link for a list of current coins.

There is no list of household measurements, so a systematic list is not possible. Lengths, masses and larger volumes are measured in standard (SI) units. For smaller volumes: 1 teaspoon = 5 ml 1 tablespoon = 15 ml

I published an e- book entitled "Philippine Units of Measurements". Page 2 of the book shows the literal meaning of each measuring unit while page 3 shows a list of my online references related to Philippine measuring units. Note: The estimated foreign unit equivalents are mere "estimates" and not 100% precise. They're merely based on my estimations. The list of links shown in page 3 may provide a more accurate/factual information. Visit the link below:

The area of a triangle is half base times height so any triangles whose base times height is 60 units will have an area of 30 square units e.g. base = 10 units, height = 6 units; base = 5 units, height = 12 units; base = 7.5 units, height = 8 units.

There is no instrument on that list that can take any reliable measurements.

List a metric unit for each measurement: lenght, volume, weight, and density,

Scroll down to related links and look at "The metric system of measurement" and "Metric system - Wikipedia".

The base unit for length is the meter. In theory, you can combine that with any SI prefix (check the Wikipedia for "SI prefixes" for the full list); but in practice, units larger than "kilo" (kilometer) are seldom used.

lists of sick units in india

All of the units on the list that accompanies the question are equal.

For units larger or smaller than the base units, you can use prefixes such as kilo (x 1000), Mega (x 1 million), milli (x 0.001), micro (x 0.000 001), etc.; for a complete list, search the Wikipedia for "SI prefixes".

The Ancient Arabic units of measurement were widely used throughout the Ottoman Empire, taking up most of the Arabian peninsula. Measurements ranged from an assba (finger-length, approx. 2.25 cm) to a marhala (village-length, approx. 46 km). Cubits are among the more familiar names from the extensive list of measurements used in the Ancient Arabic units of measurement.

None of the units on the list you provided with the question has any name.

in the mks (SI) metric, the base unit is kilogram. in the cgs metric system, the base unit is gram. There are many prefixes that can be added to gram to determine the magnitude in power of ten. See related link for a list of prefixes. Right, and don't forget the tonne. Though equivalent to 1 megagram or 1000 kg the word tonne is commonly used.

In the metric system, kilograms per cubic meter (kg/m3) are used to find density, though other units, such as pounds per cubic foot are also used. For a complete list of units used to find density, visit the Related Link.

Try this site: I'm not sure specifically what measurements you were looking for.

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