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im at that part, im not sure.

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What happens to Gaara?

Gaara died after having his Shikoku sucked out of him. After Naruto and the others retrived Gaara, Lady Chiyo then revived gaara. It is unknown if gaara still has the same skill as when he had the Shikoku. But it will soon be found out what his skills are after he is revived.

Can Gaara still control sand?

Yes, he can.

Is Gaara dead?

no well, in Shippuden (2nd part of Naruto), Gaara dies, but is resurrected by an old lady, with the cost of her life. so now, gaara is still alive

How can Gaara still control sand?

Even if Shukaku is gone Gaara still has the abilities to control sand.I think this is because Shukoku was sealed inside him before he was born and Shukoku gave off some of his abilities as Gaara uses them.

What happen to garaa?

When the biju was taken out from Gaara, Gaara died but Grand Chiyo sacrificed her life to bring Gaara back to life using some kind of a technique of Chiyo. Gaara was still the Kazekage of Sand Country.

Can Gaara still control sand when he is reborn?

Yes, and the sand still protects him.

How beat Gaara in Hero's History in Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3?

You don't face Gaara in Hero's history. You face him in ultimate contest... Correction: Ummm...u do face Gaara he became a big monster in Chapter 7 and this is my question too so far my sis is still trying she said he's only hit by Chakra and u have to stand next to his feet now he was almost gonna die...

Does Gaara still have shukaku?

Yes and No at the same time. Gaara has the Shukaku when he is a little boy. But when we get to the Shippuden episodes he soon loses his Shukaku and is brought back to life by Grandma Chiyo. Even though he doesn't have his Shukaku he is still able to be Kazekage and control sand. (i answered this question because i know almost everything about Gaara. I'm not obsessed but i love him ALOT!) ^ ^ ^to add a little bit more for those of you who are wondering. Shukaku did NOT give Gaara the power to control sand. That is a common misconception. Shukaku gave Gaara "ultimate protection". Basically Shukaku amplified Gaara's sand by controlling it himself, thus allowing the sand to protect Gaara even when Gaara did not wish it. Gaara's ninjutsu though is the ability to control sand. Now that Shukaku is gone though, Gaara has to use ninja signs in order to control his jutsu, instead of relying on Shukaku to kick butt for him xD Non-the-less Gaara is still my second favourite character. The only person i like more that Gaara is Hidan xD ^ ^ ^ haha hidan. he's kinda lame. he's so emo. XD gaara's favorite. then kakashi. so yeah gaara still has his sand powers but now he can 'feel pain'. because before the shukaku wouldn't let him get hurt.

Will Gaara still have the sand beast inside him?

The Akatsuki took out the beast from Gaara in Naruto Shippuden. In regular Naruto, he had it already. I guess he got so used to using sand that he still has sand powers. By the way, his dad sealed the one tailed Shukaku inside Gaara when he was still in development in his mother.

Who likes Gaara?

In Naruto no one liked gaara because, well he was down right CREEPY! (But I some how still liked him even though he was like that) In shippuden Matsuri and Sari like gaara.

Dose Gaara still have his gourd of sand after shakaku is taken from him?

Yes he still has the gourd of sand.

Is Gaara still the host after show 31?

No gaara isn't the host after 31 of shippuden because they already extracted the shukaku from from him in the earlier episodes of shippuden.

Is Gaara psyco?

no. one of his best friends was orderd to kill him. but gaara killed him instead. this is why gaara is so upset all the time Actually it was his uncle that was sent to kill Gaara. He was ordered by the Kage to kill him, since he had no control over the One Tail that was inside of him. His uncle still held Gaara responsible for his sisters (Gaara's mother) death.

Does Gaara have any children?

no he does not even have a wife but he is still young its to early for him

When were missions used?

Missions are still being used today.

Does Gaara still have his gourd of sand once shukaku is taken from him?

Yes, because Gaara was the one that created the gourd, not the sand though. The sand that was in the gourd was destroyed.

Who kills Gaara?

Gaara is still alive as of now. -he dies in the first season of naruto shippuden. dieradara (from the akatsuki. he's the blond artist guy) knocked gaara out. then he goes to one ofthe akatsuki hideouts and traps gaara into the big weird machine that takes jinchuriki's power. they took gaara's shukaku and it kills him (it sucks cause he's not special any more). but eventually at the end of the season chiayo uses the reanimation jutsu to bring gaara back to life but chiayo dies. even though gaara doesnt have his shukaku, he can still use his sand jutsus and everything he had before

What are the names of the missions in California that still are standing?

All the missions are still standing and services are held in them as well as weddings and funerals.

Who does Gaara love?

In Naruto, gaara does not like anyone but himself. (He actually said that in an episode) And no one loves gaara in Naruto either. But in shippuden 2 girls love Naruto, Matsuri and Sari. (I hate them Both -.- ) But gaara still does not love anyone. Of coarse the way he got less well....*creepy* Is because Naruto opend his eyes and showed him how its like and all. The reason why gaara got to be Kazekage was probably cause of Naruto. BUT EITHER WAY! No Gaara does not love or like girls.

Does Gaara kiss Hinata?

No, gaara dose not like Hinata no matter what fan's say. Hinata hasent even kissed Naruto yet but they have a relationship in the Shippuden cause she still likes him.

What happen to Gaara in Shippuden?

Deidara goes into the sand village and captures gaara (the kazekage.) after that deidara and sasori take gaara to an akatsuki hideout and take the sabaku out of him, by doing so they killed gaara (when u remove the bijuu from a person they die.) BUT granny chiyo give gaara he life so he comes back to life. and after the sabaku is taken out of him he seems nicer. (even though the sabaku was taken out of him he still has control over sand.)

Why can Gaara still control sand and have the one tailed sand demon inside him if it was sealed by the Akatsuki?

when gaara was born his father (the fourth kazekage) keeps the jinkuriki (sand monster) in,the sand automaticly protects gaara.even akatsuki seals the moster gaara some how releases it

Can Gaara sleep now that shukaku is gone?

Yeah..he can......but still the dark patch around his eyes still renail dark though........

Is it still possible to become a ninja on club penguin?

Yes it is still possible to become a ninja on Club Penguin. To become a ninja you have to go to the Dojo, talk to Sensei and verse someone. Answered by the penguin: Jellyfish33

Are all the missions still standing?


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