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Hello - If you conceive during ovulation the mucus will still look like egg-white. But a few weeks after conception your will have a lot of cervical mucus that increases every week/few weeks.

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2006-04-11 21:10:03
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Q: Will your cervical mucus turn sticky and tacky even if pregnancy is achieved after ovulation or will it stay stretchy and egg white?
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Is stringy stretchy cervical mucus a sign of pregnancy?


What does thick white vaginal discharge mean?

When vaginal discharge becomes thin and stretchy this is also called "egg white cervical mucus" it appears when a woman is most fertile , during ovulation week , this type of cervical discharge aids sperm to swim faster and survive longer in the reproductive system , to produce pregnancy , the stretchy vaginal discharge may come right before or during ovulation , and may last a few days after ovulation .

Why ovulation discharge is not stretchy on the day of ovulation?


What does cervical mucus look like in early pregnancy?

Its either smooth and stretchy/clear or thick and creamy. Neither should smell, itch or hurt.

How do you check your cervical mucus?

After your period you will be dryer and as you get closer to ovulation mucus will gradually increase and it will be sticky and cloudy (creamy). RIGHT before you ovulate mucus will increase even more and it will become clear and very slippery, (like egg white) and stretchy. Ovulation will occur at about this time. After ovulation it will become sticky and cloudy again, and mucus will decrease.

If your cervical mucus changes from egg white and stretchy to less nd sticky is it possile you are pregnant?

Cervical mucas alone won't be able to tell you if you are pregnant. Most women's cervical mucas changes from egg white to stretchy and clear every month, which signifies that you are ovulating.

Is it normal to have lotion-like cm following ovulation 4 DPO?

Yes. Your cervical mucus is usually slippery, stretchy and clear as you approach ovulation. About 3-5 days before and one day after ovulation. Outside this period it can be non-existant, sticky, rubbery, tacky, or like lotion. It is usually white or cream but can be yellowish. Hello. Yes, this is normal.

Is thick stringy cervical mucus a sign of pregnancy?

No, it is a sign of fertility though. During the most fertile stage of a woman's cycle, the cervical mucus becomes thinner, may become cloudy or clear, and becomes stringy or stretchy. This is called spinnbarkeit, and shows that ovulation is approaching. If you want to get pregnant this is a good time to have sex, since spinnbarkeit is less hostile to sperm, and can allow sperm to live up to 5 days. If you are trying to avoid pregnancy, abstain from unprotected sex at this time to minimize the chance of conception occuring.

Why do you I feel moist a week before your period?

Throughout your menstrual cycle hormonal changes will change your discharge. Around a week leading up to ovulation (ovulation occurs two weeks before your period) you will get fertile quality cervical mucus which is a stretchy gooey discharge like egg-whites. After ovulation your discharge can get heavier, thicker, and more lotion-like which may make you feel more 'moist'.

Its day eleven of your cycle your cervical mucous is clear and stretchy with small traces of blood can you be ovulating?


What does it mean when you get clear stretchy discharge instead of your period?

Possible pregnancy

What is the name of the release of eggs from the ovary?

The release of eggs from the ovary is known as ovulation.Ovulation will typically occur around two weeks into the menstrual cycle, although everyone is different and unless using fertility awareness method or ovulation testing kits you may not know when ovulation occurs. Around the week prior to ovulation there is fertile cervical mucus, a clear stretchy fluid that helps keep sperm alive in the vagina so it can reach the egg, which is an indication of upcoming ovulation.

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