Will your credit score increase while under a chapter 13 bankruptcy?

At least to the degree that under the plan your essentially trying to make amends for past failures and get a handle on things, it shouldn't continue to decline. And things can't get too much worse than being a bankrupt. no matter what, with the history you now have, even better is going to be a bad credit score...and hence make borrowing too expensive for a reasonable person (even one that can afford it) to agree to pay.

But one thing you may be missing about the course your on...you need to maintain a pay as you go structure for sometime...you've shown you need to gain control and understanding of the obligations of debt and financial planning. Under C 13, you probably can't make any new loan agreements anyway...so your credit score is irrelevant and you really shouldn't concern yourself with it. You cannot borrow yourself out of debt....and you certainly can borrow yourself into a heap of trouble....quickly.