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try and see because some do and some dont though be careful, keep an eye on both and dont leave their sides

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2012-04-11 20:21:57
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Q: Will your ferret get along with your kitten?
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Will meow mix harm a ferret?

Meow Mix for cats is not an appropriate diet for a ferret. Feed your ferret a high quality ferret food or if not available, a high quality kitten food (not cat food) such as Iams or Eukanuba kitten food. DUH! ITS CALLED MEOW MIX NOT FERRET MIX! :)

Can ferrets eat soft kitten food?

It is acceptable for a ferret to eat soft kitten food.

If you already have a hamster a ferret and 2 gerbils in your room would it be to many animals if you got a kitten?

It don't have many animals in your room when you have hamster a ferret and 2 gerbils and you got a kitten because the kitten will just simply eat those animals. I am surprised the ferret hasn't already eaten the hamster and gerbils.

Do ferret's get along with cats?


Can you name 4 legged animals that has 6 letters?

Kitten, Ferret, Weasel,

Would a ferret eat a baby kitten?

Not likely. Domestic ferrets imprint on their food by the time they are six months old. If they do not recognize an item as food, they generally won't touch it. So unless you regularly feed baby kittens to your ferret, the ferret won't think its food. Ferrets and cats normally get along pretty well.

Which animal has 6 letters in its name?

Monkey Rabbit Ferret Weasel Kitten Those are a few.

Will a kitten get along with a pitbull?

No, unfortunately.

How can you train your kitten of 10 weeks to live with your hamster?

What you have to do is get your kitten and hamster in one room. Then Let them get along their selves, and if they don't get along then you have to butt in and help them to get along.

What film did Jennifer Aniston appear in with a ferret?

The film Along Came Polly with Jennifer Anistonand a ferret named Rudolfo

Can a male and female ferret get along?

yes they could. actually a male ferret and another ferret of its gender would be territorial and fight, so getting a female ferret would be a good idea, but make sure they are fixed (neutered)

What was the name of the ferret in the movie 'Along came Polly'?

The ferrets' name in Along came Polly was Rudolfo

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