Will your homeowners policy cover the cost of a new roof The last owners had roof recovered in 1995 and the shingles are starting to curl up and look bad?

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No, insurance will not cover a roof, but if you purchased the home with any kind of warranty you might be able to get some help there. If shingles go bad that fast it's probably because of improper air circulation in the attic. If the attic gets much hotter than the outside air it will cause the shingles to curl and loose their mineral surface. Next time the roof is replaced, make sure you have the roofer put in some attic vents to keep the temperature down.
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Does homeowners cover a leaking roof?

Answer No. If it was caused by something happening (tree falling,hail storm, etc), then it would cover it. Deterioration over timewill not be covered. If you need to file a cl

Does homeowner insurance cover leaky roof?

It just depends on why the roof is leaking. If the roof is leaking due to damage from a covered peril then it is covered. Home Insurance policies cover damage resulting from S

Does homeowners insurance cover roof replacement?

It depends on why your roof needs replacement. If your roofing material has reached the end of it's life expectancy (normally no more than 20 years) then it is not covered.

Will homeowners insurance cover a new roof?

Your question can be read in a couple of ways. 1. If an occurrence covered by a homeowners policy caused damage to the roof, it probably would be covered. If the occurrence

How many shingles to cover the roof crown?

Shingles vary in dimensions, and sometimes there are specific bundles of shingles made for the sole purpose of ridge coverage. If you are using the house shingles for ridge, t

Does homeowners cover a leaking roof after a storm?

It's going to depend on what's causing the leak. If it's a maintenance issue that's causing it, like you just need a new roof, then in most cases NO, your homeowners won't cov

Will homeowners insurance cover a roof?

Yes, If your roof was damaged by a covered peril on your Home Insurance Policy then you have coverage. If your roof is just old and is due for a replacement then that is pa

Does Homeowners insurance cover the damage to roof shingles due to Moss?

No. Read the policy. A homeowners policy covers all kinds of things but it must be a covered cause. One of the primary caveats to the cause is that is is sudden and accidental

Does homeowners insurance cover a new roof?

Most likely, however, you must first determine specifically what it is you're claiming. If your roof has become a victim of simple ageing, I doubt there will be any coverage a