Will your phone company give a discount on your mobile data bill so you can play more Pokemon GO?

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No, you should not count on the phone company offering a discount to your data bill to accommodate your use of Pokemon Go.
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Is BlackBerry a mobile-phone company?

Answer . The BlackBerry is a wireless handheld device introduced in 1997 as a two-way pager. The more commonly known smartphone BlackBerry, which supports push e-mail, mobile telephone, text messaging, internet faxing, web browsing and other wireless information services, was released in 2 ( Full Answer )

What is the best mobile phone company?

There are no bests. Each provider has advantages and disadvantages. Here are a few well known providers. 1) AT&T 2) Verizon Wireless 3) Sprint 4) Attel 6) Revol/Boost

Pokemon Ruby on mobile phone?

Pokemon Ruby was only created for Gameboy advance. There is NO possible way to get it on your mobile phone, but I have to ask. . . WHERE DID YOU GET THE IDEA FROM?! Dude its totally possible...i have it...i also have Pokemon crystal for the gb on my phone. You need vbag. Its an emulator that makes ( Full Answer )

Do mobile phones have their own phone bill?

This depends on what type of calling plan you are on. If you are on a family plan, then you will receive ONE itemized bill for all phones. Some providers now are bundling cell phone services along with other household services these days, so in that particular case, you would receive one bill for al ( Full Answer )

Do mobile phones give of radiation?

Answer: No. Mobile phones do not give off sub-atomic (ionizing)radiation. Answer : Yes. Mobile phones emit microwave (millimeter tocentimeter range) electro-magnetic radiation, mostly at frequenciesfrom 800 to 1800 MHz (1.8 GHz). This is below infrared. Off Topic: Some independent scientific stud ( Full Answer )

Why are mobile phones so expensive?

Expensive mobile phones are expensive because of the features they offer. Smart phones have a high price tag because they offer Internet connection, GPS, cameras, video, etc. You can still find a bare bones mobile phone with just calling and texting for cheap. You get what you pay for.

Which company first introduced mobile phones?

In 1973 Martin Cooper of Motorola made the first useable cell phone for government use. In 1984 it was made public. Before 74 the mobile phone was in use as police radios.

Where do mobile phones go for recycling?

• Some are sold for use in other countries • Some are donated to shelters for use in a variety of emergency (911) phone programs • Some are repaired or refurbished and sold in the U.S. either as replacement or pre-paid phones • Finally, others are broken down to the essenti ( Full Answer )

How do you get a mobile phone in Pokemon platinum?

I'm pretty sure you can't, but you get this poketech thing. IIt's super close to a phone, except one big thing. You can't call or contact. But you can download apps and stuff and use them. The apps are pretty useful.

Which company sells the most mobile phones?

IDK but i think its Verizon wireless P: To have a more accurate answer than the last guy, It would probably be Best Buy or Wal-Mart These stores have all the major providers and every phone the providers have to offer. And almost every phone avalible to buy under all the different provid ( Full Answer )

What harm can a mobile phone give me?

Mobile Phone has many harm things these are following With the mobile using students do not pay their attention to their studies they use facebook at the when they should be learn their lesson and concentrate to their studies. They pass their time in using internet and listening music and other th ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of SOS in mobile phones?

The SOS indicates that you can only place emergency calls. Usually this means that you have a bad SIM card in your device, either one that has been corrupted or one from another carrier that is not compatible with your BlackBerry. You will either need to replace the SIM with a SIM from the carrier o ( Full Answer )

Which company has the best prepaid mobile phone?

There are many prepaid companies to choose from including Cricket, Virgin Mobile, and Boost. They all have something to offer depending on your individual needs. To receive all of the data package advantages, Boost is my choice.

Where does a recycled mobile phone go?

A recycled mobile phone generally gets refurbished and resold to developing countries. If they are not refurbished, then they are recycled like any other electronic, with all the components removed and incinerated prior to going to a landfill

What companies sell Windows mobile phones?

"Windows Mobile Phones are made by Microsoft, but you can purchase them at At&t phone stores. They may also be available at Sprint or Verizon I am not sure."

What company sells payg mobile phones?

"There are many companies that sell pay as you go phones. ATT, Verizon, T-Mobile, and even Wal Mart offer phones that give consumers the choice to pay for only the use they want."

Can you play Minecraft on your mobile phone?

If you have an Android or Solaris, you can play Minecraft. In the related links below, I have the place to buy the Minecraft on the go, also known as the pocket edition. It's still heavily under work, but open to the public!.

Which companies produce orange mobile phones?

There are not a large variety of companies that will offer orange mobile phones. Two companies that have been known to have this color of phone are AT&T as well as Verizon Wireless.

What companies offer recycling for mobile phones?

Several phone companies offer recycling for mobile phones, along with booths found in malls and other public places. GRG Wireless Recycling also offers recycling for mobile phones.

What mobile companies have pay as you go?

There are several companies that have Pay as You Go phones. One popular brand is GoPhones. Other big brands like AT&T and Verizon also carry Pay as You Go phones.

Which cellular companies offer orange pay as you go mobile phones?

Phones4u, Phone-Shop and Orange are leading online sellers of Orange pay as you go mobile phones. Popular Orange mobile plans and phones are also offered by local, UK Orange Merchant distribution vendors, located in small shops and payment centers in the United Kingdom.

Which UK companies sell mobile phones?

You can purchase cellphones in the United Kingdom from online websites such as Telestial, United Kingdom Mobile World, and Mphone. you can also try locally mobile phone stores.

Which mobile phone company produces the 5100?

The 5100 mobile phone series is a range of phones produced by Kyocera. The phones are sold in both North America and Canada, features include voice mail and the phones are paid for via a minutes plan.

Which mobile phone company produces the 5220?

The 5220 is produced by Nokia. This model was released in 2008 and the most distinctive feature is the oddly asymmetrical design of the unit. This phone had the ability to download and play music.

What company makes the Idou mobile phone?

Idou mobile phone is an touchscreen smartphone also known as the Satio made by the company Sony Ericsson. It is available both for prepaid and contract services

What companies manufacture tv mobile phones?

Mobile phones with built in television reception are no longer a novelty item. In fact, most major manufacturers, including Apple, Nokie, and LG now offer TV cell phones in at least some of their markets.

What companies give discount dental plans?

There are a few companies that offer discount dental plans, such as Dental Save and Dental Plans. A person may also find discount dental plans at Consumer Benefits and True Dental Discounts.

How can someone pay bills on their mobile phone?

With technology today more and more people are doing all of their online tasks on mobile phones and tablets. By going to a persons preferred Ap store, such as google play, there are aps for bill paying. Some are free, but most cost a nominal amount to download. Also many banks now have their own ( Full Answer )

Where are most discount mobile phones produced?

Discount mobile phones and even the expensive mobile phones are generally produced in the same countries. Most of the countries that make electronic devices are the U.S., China, and India.

Which companies have pay as you go mobile phones?

Companies that provide pay-as-you-go phones include: Boost Mobile,T-mobile, Straight Talk, Tracfone, Virgin Mobile, Verizon, MetroPCS, and Cricket Wireless. Each region in the USA has a pay-as-you-go provider.

How does GSM Mobile phone company work?

The GSM Mobile phone standard works by allowing a user to participate in a globally available network through the means of SIM cards. These cards are offered as prepaid plans that allow someone to use many different telecommunications providers throughout the world.

Where can you go to get comparisons on mobile phones?

CNET has a feature on its website that allows for the comparison of mobile phones. All that one needs to do is to select the companies and products of the desired phones and the program will output a table of details of each phone including prices, ratings, and reviews.

What are some companies that give business discounts?

Corporate Perks,Verizon and Sprint are some companies that give discount to their employees. Groupon is one of the most known sites that provides you with discounts on variety of deals.