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It should not be a problem at all.

A: you should not have a water softener tied into the swimming pool PERIOD. The product resulting from a water softener can be detrimental ( not good) to the pool plaster and the equipment. In fact, it may harm the salt system readings and components.

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Q: Will your water softener interfere with a saline pool conversion?
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Is a water softener necessary?

Water softener is used to improve water in hard water conditions. If your water tastes odd or leaves white deposits then you may benefit from a water softener. You'll also need to use less soap with a water softener.

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What is a saltless water softener and what does it do compared to others?

The reason you choose a water softener will best allow you to chose a saltless softener or a traditional softener. If you are using a water softener to help your household plumbing stay clean and gunk-free, then you should choose a traditional softener. If your goal is to have softer feeling and tasting water then a saltless softener will work just fine for you. With this softener, you are not actually removing salt, just changing the electric charge of the water.

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Which is more viscous pure water or saline water?

The saline water is more viscous.

Which of these has a high conductivity fresh water or saline water?

Saline water

Why is water saline?

because of salt content water is saline

Why it requires more soap when you bathe using deep well water?

You have hard water, and it possibly requires a softener.You have hard water, and it possibly requires a softener.

Why is the hot water yellow in the tub?

If you have hard water and a water softener it would be because there isn't enough salt in the softener.

Is there a natural water softener?

Borax, also known as Sodium Borate, is a great natural water softener.

Do you need to add salt to a dishwasher if a water softener fitted to your house supply?

No, the water softener takes care of it.

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Why is there salt in water softener brine tank?

The sodium in the salt reacts with the zeolite in the softener stripping it of the calcium when you regenerate the softener. When the softener is in service the calcium more readily replaces the sodium on the zeolite resin beads softening the water.

Is saline a pure substance?

Saline water is a mixture of sodium chloride and water.

What liquid so you use to thin out laundry softener?

Water will thin out laundry softener.

What is the purpose of a bypass on a water softener?

The bypass on a water softener is a valve that serves the purpose of allowing water from the main point of supply to flow into a house or building when the water softener is being serviced. It can also be used to allow some 'hard' water to be mixed with the softened water.

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Does a water softener remove chlorine?


Do you have a manual for an Aquarius water softener?


Is brackish water more saline than ocean water?

No, brackish water is not more saline than ocean water.

What is water when salt is dissolved in water?

It turns into salt water and also turns into a solution. Saline water or saline solution.