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Yes winchester did make a model 250 lever action rifle from 1963-1974.

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The Winchester model 250 belonged to the 200 series of rifles made by Winchester from 1965-1976.Your Winchester model 250 .22cal rifle was made from 1965-1974.

The Winchester model 250 22cal rifle was made from 1963-1973.It is unfortunate that Winchester did not keep records of yearly production by serial number for this series of rifles.

The 250-3000 savage caliber is not the model of your Winchester.The model number should be able to be found on your Winchester.Please include the model number and the overall condition of your Winchester to get a accurate answer to your question.

your model 67 Winchester is running between 200-250 dollars.

your Winchester model 61 was made in 1937.The value is between 250-350 dollars.

Winchester did not keep records of the 200 series of rifles produced by them.This would include the model 250,270,290,255,and 275.All these models were introduced between 1963-1965 with the model 250 being discontinued in 1974.So I can say that your Winchester model 250 was made during the time span of between 1963-1974.

A Winchester model 70 sporter is going for 250-500 dollars depending on condition.

Answer to the value of a Winchester 190about $150 used, and $200-$250 new.

100-250 dollars,depending on overall condition and a good bore.

Your angle eject Winchester is worth between 250-350 dollars.

from 250- 350.00 depending on condition

$250-$350, depending on which version and condition.

The value of a Winchester Model 100 rifle made in 1967 is between $250 and $400. The actual value will depending largely on its actual condition.

your Winchester model 1894,which was made in 1955 is going for between 250-375 dollars depending on amount of original finish and condition.

your winchester model 1894 is worth between 250-350 dollars depending on overall condition and a good bore.

There's a plastic pin above the trigger; push this through (I used a chopstick) and you'll be able to pull the entire action out of the rifle. There's three basic parts, the lever/trigger assembly, the slide, and a shuttle that rests on top of the slide; the pin on the shuttle goes in a slot that's connected to the lever.

your 770 is worth about $250..00 to $300.00 hope this helps

$250-$400, depending on condition of your Winchester.

10-1000 USD + depending on specifics

250-600 dollars.depending on overall condition.

With the serial number that you supplied,your Winchester model 1894 lever action rifle was produced by Winchester in the year 1980.A Winchester model 1894 rifle will bring between 250-350 dollars depending on the overall condition,and a good bore.

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