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No your windows 7 will not deleted

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Uninstall Windows 7 home premium after Windows 8 pro upgrade?

You can simply just delete the partition with windows 7 on it, if you installed Windows 8 on a different partition making sure you have a backup of all the files you want to keep. Also make sure that you can boot from the windows 8 partition. Ie, a nice blue interface comes up when you switch the computer on that let's you choose between windows 7 and windows 8.If you didn't install it on a different partition. All the files that need to be modified have already been modified as part of the upgrade process and no further action is needed.

How do you delete Windows 8 partitions?

Windows 8 built-in Disk Management has ability to delete volume. You can delete partitions on Windows 8 using its own Disk Management.Right click the Start screen and you can open all apps, right click Computer and choose Manage, then you can open the Disk Management in Windows 8. Or you can start the cmd.exe in administrative mode! And enter the command "diskmgmt.msc" to open the Disk-Management in Windows 8.Under Disk Management, you can right click the volume and select delete volume to delete any partitions you like (not including system partition).Windows 8 partition softwareWindows 8 built-in Disk Management has many limitations. It can't delete system partition, it can only extend volume when there is some unallocated space behind it, otherwise, the "Extend Volume" option is not available. Because Windows 8 built-in Disk Management doesn't provide "Move partiton" feature, so you have to seek Windows 8 partition magic alternative.EaseUS Partition Master Free Edition, a comprehensive free hard disk partition manager and system optimization software for Windows-based administration, works well with Windows 8. It is free partition software supporting functions to delete partition in Windows 8. Besides, you have two options to resize Windows 8 partition: extend one and shrink another by "Resize/Move partition" feature or merge two partitions into one by "Merge partition."

How do you remove a partition on your hard drive vista?

There are many ways, but the easiest is to use a Windows 7 installation disk to delete the partition.

How do you uninstall windows and replace with ubuntu with both os's already installed?

Insert of your Ubuntu CD, then using GParted, delete your Windows partition and resize your Ubuntu partition until it fills the space left by the deleted partition.

How do you remove a hard drive partition on windows vista?

There are several tutorials on YouTube which will show you exactly how to remove a partition. Removing a hard drive partition on Windows Vista will create an empty space that you can use to install a new partition. Be aware that it will also delete all data that is on the partition.

How do you delete dynamic partition?

Through the Diskpart Utility you can delete dynamic volumes. This utility can be found in the Windows 7 installation disk or the Windows 7 recovery disc.

How do you uninstall Windows Server 2003?

You cannot "uninstall" Windows Server 2003. You must delete the partition it is on from the hard drive.

Can Windows XP and Windows 7 be installed on the same partition?

It is not possible to install any Operating System next to another on the same partition. To dual-boot Windows 7 and Windows XP, first install Windows 7, and while in the partition manager, delete all partitions and create one for Windows 7 and one for Windows XP. Then install Windows 7 to it's partition. Then install XP to it's partition. You should now be able to boot either Operating System. Note: You must install XP after Windows 7 as the Windows 7 installation wizard would want to upgrade XP. WARNING: This will erase all of the data on your hard drive. Be sure to back up all of your files before installing anything.

How do you remove Linux without removing windows?

Insert your Windows CD or DVD and get to the part where it shows all your partitions and delete the Linux partitions. If you are unsure which one is your windows partition just make sure you don't delete or format any partition that is in the NTFS, or in the rare case a FAT32 format, as those would be your windows partitions.

Delete a partition on the system drive?

delete a partition on the system disk (C)

If you have Windows XP and Windows 2000 Server in a dual-boot setup can you remove Windows 2000 and install Red Hat 10?

just format that drive and then run fdisk and delete the partition and create Linux partition after that and i hope u have sufficient space in ur hard driveAnswerjust format that drive and then run fdisk and delete the partition and create Linux partition after that and i hope u have sufficient space in ur hard drive

Im trying to format my hard drive but i cant delete the partition for windows xp?

If you are sure you want to delete the windows xp partition then you can use the windows CD to do the job.Boot the machine with the CD in the drive and you should get the option to format the drive.Just be sure this is what you want as you will lose all your data stored on the drive.

Is it safe to delete a (Lenovo) factory recovery partition ( from Windows 7 ) in Windows 10?

Yes it is safe to delete factory recovery partition if you think that you are not going to use Windows 7 operating system again. But you should have Windows 10 license with an installation disk and your Lenovo computer's drivers in case you need to recover or format your computer.

How do you remove the Fedora partition from inside Windows?

You cannot safely remove Fedora just by deleting / formatting its partition from Windows. The Fedora partition contains the boot menu that allows you to choose between Windows and Fedora on startup. If you delete the Fedora partition, Windows will become unbootable. You need to boot from a Windows CD / DVD. On Windows 2000 and XP, choose the Recovery Console option, and "fixmbr." On Windows Vista, choose the option to repair Windows, and tell it to search for problems that might prevent Windows from starting. It should detect that the Windows bootloader has been overwritten, and will replace it. Reboot your computer. If the "repair" was succesful, you should not see the GRUB boot menu anymore, and it will boot straight into Windows. Now you can delete the Fedora partition. It would be better to use a third-party partitioning tool, though, one that can also resize partitions, so your XP partition can be expanded to fill the space left by Fedora.

How do you remove a partition on your hard drive using a MS Windows 2000 OS?

my computer--->manage->computer management ---->select drive drive and right click delete partition

What will happen if you delete a partition?

If you delete a partition, all data on that partition will be deleted. The disk space will also be marked as unpartitioned, and a new partition can be created in place of the old one.

You have Windows Xp and you want keep it and Install Windows Vista?

You have to create at least one more partition for Vista. If you install Vista on the partition where XP is installed Vista will delete XP. To avoid such problem you have to have one more partition. When you do that just start the Vista installation process from XP and choose just created partition for Vista.

How do you disable a drive partition in Windows 98?

You can not disable a partition in Windows 98 but you can remove it(everything on the partition will be lost if not saved beforehand on a cdr-rw or another hard drive). Boot up with a windows 98 floppy with th Operating System on it and the the Fdisk.exe file on it. At the "A" prompt, type "fdisk" and press enter. When the fdisk screen pops up, first be sure which partition you want to delete (D,E etc)so you don't delete the partition with your operating system on it (the "C" drive). Once you have determined which partition is to be deleted, follow the onscreen instructions to remove the correct one. When finished, close out the program and reboot the system and the partition should be gone.

Can Windows 7 Vienna can be replaced with Windows 7 ultimate?

yes it can view every thing i cannot delete a written note.

Can Windows XP be installed over an existing Windows XP installation?

Absolutely. During XP setup, you have an option to choose where to install the OS. Just choose to delete your existing partition, follow the instructions, and then create a partition in the empty space and install XP there. Please note that this will delete all of your files and settings unless you have them saved at a different place such as an external hard drive or another partition.

How do you upgrade from Red Hat Linux to Windows XP?

You need to delete all partitions created by RedHat (you can use DOS native utility fdisk.exe: delete non-native partition or something like that). After start installing Xp during the installation create a primary partitions for the system drive. After that just follow instructions.

If you want to reinstall Windows Vista do you have to uninstall it first?

You have to delete the partition in which it is installed and create a new one to install the new vista.

You want to upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7 using the Windows 7 home premium Upgrade from Vista on my PC will it delete everything on my PC and just change the operating system?

If you upgrade the system through the windows 7 installation menu, it's supposed to keep everything. If you do a fresh install, all your data on the system disk will be lost.

Do you have to delete iTunes to upgrade it?

You do not have to delete itunes to upgrade. Simply click HELP > CHECK FOR UPDATES

How do you delete from a partition with XP on both partitions?

First you need to download a partition manager and then install it on your computer. You need to choose the ones that support you delete partition with XP. Do you think so?