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I just went wireless on two computers. I already had DSL service through the cable provider, so I bought a router and it did all the work for me. I don't have wireless service through any provider just the DSL... One bill!! Hope this helps

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โˆ™ 2008-05-29 01:08:13
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Q: Wireless card and you can get to Microsoft explorer Is this all you need or do you need to get a service such as att wireless network connection?
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How do you make a wireless PC to PC connection?

You will need a wireless router and a wireless adapter to have wireless pc to pc connection

Do you need a wireless router for a wireless connection?

You will need a wireless router for a wireless connection. Connect the Internet access cable to the wireless router. The wireless router will transmit the data.

How to turn on your wireless internet connection?

AnswerVery simple just turn on the switch of your wireless router and then turn your wireless connection switch in your laptop or connect to wireless connection if on PC.

Do you have to have a router to wired connection to your ps3?

You can use a wireless connection if you have a wireless router

If you want wireless internet connection do you need a wireless router or a wireless usb adapter?

wireless router

How do you get WiFi connection?

you have to have a wireless modem and an active DSL connection. Okay, I am just starting with this thing, . What is a wireless modem . I what to feed of my neighbors wireless connection.

How can I get internet connection on my ipod touch if I don't have wireless connection?

If you don't have wireless connection then I don't think you can get internet. You can get the wireless connection of your computer if you have one. It can get quite tricky sometimes.

How do you connect to free wireless hot spots with laptop?

When you go somewhere that has a wireless connection it will say, "Wireless connection detected". You will have to go and click the button that showed this message to chose that wireless connection and connect to it.

What are the two modes for wireless network connection?

For wireless networks you may connect either as an Ad-Hoc connection or an Infrastructure connection. Ad-Hoc connections are completely wireless, whereas infrastructure wireless connections are a combination of wired and wireless connections.

How do i find out if i have a wireless router in my laptop?

look at the internet wireless connection

How do you use wireless connection in digimon dusk on DS emulator?

That's impossible. No wireless connection for emulators.

What do you need for home wireless connection?

For a wireless home connection, you will need a few items. You will need an internet connection and modem. You will also need a router, which is hooked up to the modem. The router broadcasts a wireless signal which you can connect to with your wireless devices.

What is a wireless connection?

Wireless network refers to any type of computer network that uses wireless for network connections.

How do you get wireless online connection?

If you have broadband internet you can purchase a wireless router which will allow both wired and wireless connections.

How can you make your desktop computer work with wireless internet?

add a wireless connection

How do you restrict downloading from wireless connection?

Set up wireless security politics.

How do you get wireless psn on PS3?

The PS3 allows you to connect to an existing wireless connection

What devices is needed to share an Internet connection on a wireless network?

Wireless router

What does viewing the status of the wireless connection on your workstation tell you?

A little about your wireless environment.

Why is a usb wireless adapter necessary to obtain a wireless connection?

A usb wireless adapter is useful to obtain a wireless connection on older computers or when an internal wireless card is nonoperational. It can be an easy fix instead of having to take a part ones computer.

Do you need wireless router or wireless modem is enough for wireless internet connection if you have cable internet?

wireless modem is called that because it has a wirelss router built in. wireless router just a wireless router. if your cable is not wireless you can buy a wireless router or a cable modem with wireless router

Will you get wireless broadband with your tiny computer?

Anyone can get the wireless connection on any computer provided that it should have the desired wireless adaptor in it. In order to get wi-fi connection one needs both ends wireless means

How can you make your wireless connection secure you have a trident router how can you make your wireless connection security enabled Thanks?

You need to log in your router, and enable security for wireless networks.

Definition of wireless connection?

connection without wires

How does wireless connection work?