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My Gas Gage in my 1993 Dodge Dakota 4-Banger (cylinder) is moving ever so slightly but not working? is there a wire leading to the float? what is my problem Other than being a complete Laman when it comes to this Dodge (Always been a Chevy Man ?

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โˆ™ 2009-06-14 18:09:46
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Q: Wiring diagram gas gauge 1993 Dodge Dakota?
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Wiring diagram for fuel gauge and horn 1974 dodge dart swinger?

get a chiltons repair manual at the library for your car.

Dodge Dakota turn signal?

Need more info on what you need ( bulb#, fuse#, hazard flasher, wiring color/gauge?) also need to know what year dakota? The owner's manual has bulb#/fuse amp/location.

What should the temp gauge read on a V6 2000 dodge Dakota 4X4?

Aroun the middle of the gauge, 195-210

Can the fuel gauge on a 2001 Dodge Dakota be adjusted?

You can`t. You must replace sender or guage.

How do you fix your gas gauge on a 1995 dodge Dakota truck?

check your cables, fuses and your float

Is there a recall on 2004 Dodge Dakota pick up for speedometer and gauge failures?


Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the fuel pump of a 1988 Chevy Pickup?

the purple wire is the gauge and white and black are ground!

Why doesnt your oil pressure gauge go up in a 2003 dodge ram?

Low oil, no oil pressure, bad sending unit, wiring, bad gauge,.............

How do you troubleshoot fuel gauge not reading 1995 Dodge Neon?

check wiring at fuel tank where fuel pump is located

Wiring diagram for fuel gauge on s-10?

need to know where to tie in to the fuel gage have a black and white omming out of fank

Where do i find the wiring diagram for a 1983 fxr Harley ignition and fuel gauge?

Here you go:

Where do you find a diagram to re-align fuel pump on a v6 Dodge Dakota?

Go to the Airtex website, they have a technical bulletin on it. Had the same problem with fuel pump in tank alignment on my 1995 Dodge Dakota. Fuel gauge hangs up and doesn't work. Jacked the box up enough to loosen the tank retaining ring with a screw driver and hammer, reached in and turned the pump to the correct position. It has to be in the exactly correct position for the gauge to work.

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