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Dogs are not colorblind naturally, but if they have a problem and are colorblind it can be any color.

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Q: Witch colors are dogs colorblind from?
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What kind of vision do dogs have?

well dogs eye sight is good but not good because there is no colour

Are rhodesian ridgebacks colorblind?

All dogs are colorblind.

How do dogs get colorblind?

They are born colorblind, they don't just become it.

Why can't dogs see colors?

Summing it up, scientists ARE starting to believe that dogs are colorblind after all. They cannot see as many colors as people due to the lower amount of cone cells located in their eyes.

What is a pet dogs favorite color?

i thought they were colorblind -------------------------------------------------------- No they are not colorblind. In our eyes, we have cones that allow us to see color. Dogs only have 2 out of the 3 cones allowing them only to see 2 primary colors( blue and yellow) It depends on the environment but I believe( you will have to check on this) they are atracted to the colors that contrast to the environment around them. Hope this helps!

Are huskys colorblind?

Yes,therefor they are colorblind like all other dogs.

What is the vision of dogs?


Are any house pets colorblind?

Yes most dogs and I think fish might be colorblind

What are the dogs favourite color in marmaduke?

gray, white, or black. dogs are colorblind.

A title for colorblind dogs?

males dealing with colorblindness

How can people see colors?

With your eyes unless you are colorblind. The cone cells enable you to see colors.

What are differences between dog and human eyes?

Well dogs are colorblind