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As with all life policies, when the insurance company is notified of the death of the insured, they will make every effort to locate the beneficiaries based on what information has been supplied to them by the owner/insured of the policy.

However, if they are unable to locate a beneficiary, they are legally required to escheat the amount of the benefit in the beneficiary's name to the State Treasurer's Office of the State their Home Office is in. This amount isn't 'lost', the beneficiary need only contact that Treasurer's office and request it.

As to contacting a beneficiary when a premium hasn't been paid? Privacy regulations state that they can't contact anyone on the policy unless the policyowner specifically asks that they do so. The policy is a contract between the company and the policyowner, until the insured dies the beneficiary has no right to any information.

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Q: With a term policy does the life insurance company notify the beneficiary of your death and their benefit if the beneficiary is unaware of the insurance?
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In order to be paid, someone must notify the insurance company of the insured's death, and provide proof of death and file a proof of claim with the insurance company. If the insured did not designate a beneficiary who is an adult, proceeds will ordinarily be paid to the insured's estate, and distributed according to the terms of the Will, or of none, according to the laws of descent and distribution of the state in which the insured died. It is not the responsibility of the insurer to contact the beneficiary when the insured dies, because they are unaware of it. Assuming the that the policy was not fully paid-up, meaning that it has not matured to the point where no further premiums had to be paid, if it was a whole life policy, further premiums will be taken out of the cash value until it has been exhausted. At that point, the policy will lapse for non-payment. If it was term insurance, if one or a few premiums were unpaid, depending upon the "grace period" stated in the policy, the policy will lapse for non-payment of premium. It is crucial that anyone with life insurance ensure that beneficiaries know the identity of the insurer, policy numbers, and like information.

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