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If you wanted to watch HD DVDs on the 360 you would have to buy the extra external HD DVD player. This does not make much sense now because HD DVDs "lost" the format war to Blu Ray.

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How do you watch DVDs on an Xbox 360?

You just put the DVD into the Xbox 360 tray close it.And injoy

How do you burn DVDs with Xbox 360?

You can not burn DVDs with an Xbox 360. It does not have a DVD burner.

Can you watch dvds on a Xbox?

On a XBOX 360 u can but on a the old XBOX's i think you have to buy a thing to plug into it

Will Xbox games work on a Xbox 360?

can you play dvds on xbox 360

Can region 1 dvds be played on Xbox 360?

Yes - though depending on where you purchased your Xbox 360, you may or may not be able to do so.Region 1 DVDs are designated to be played primarily in North America (Canada, U.S), U.S. territories, and Bermuda.If you purchased your Xbox 360 in any of these areas, you should be good.If not, you can watch it on your PC.

Can Xbox 360s play DVDs?

ALL XBOX 360's can play DVDS or CD's and XBOX 360 or XBOX games. Even XBOX's play CDS, and DVD'S

Does the Xbox 360 play DVDs?

If it works on a DVD player, it works on a xbox 360

Does xbox 360 play DVDs?

Yes, the xbox 360 plays dvds. i know because myself has tried. have fun watching movies!

Do hd dvds play on Xbox 360?


Does the XBox 360 read DVDs?


Can you play a DVD on Xbox 360 arcade?

Yes, the Xbox 360 Arcade can play DVDs.

Can the Xbox play DVDs?

The original Xbox is able to as long as you have the DVD playback kit. You can buy one for about $5.00 (U.S) on eBay. The Xbox 360 is able to just with the system itself.

Does Xbox play DVDs?

Not sure about the original xbox.But the Xbox 360 can

Can the XBOX 360 play DVDs?

I think so. The XBOX 360 S (250 GB, 2010) can play DVDs, but I'm not sure about earlier models.

Can you play DVD on an Xbox 360?

yes,but the xbox 360 slim and all the other makes cant play HD dvds just normal DVDS

Do regular DVDs play on the Xbox 360?


How do you play dvds on xbox 360?

Put them in the tray

Does the Xbox 360 Elite play HD Movies?

No, the Xbox 360 elite only plays DVDs like all other models of xbox.

Why will your xbox 360 s play games but not DVDs?

Some older Xbox 360 consoles don't have DVD drives in them. The Xbox 360 S has a DVD drive in it but the Arcade and Elite do not.

Does Xbox 360 play regular DVD?

yes the xbox itself will play regular dvds

Can you play your dvds on the Xbox 360?

yes but not blu ray ones

Does the Xbox 360 upscale dvds?

yes it dose to 720p or 1080p

Does the new xbox 360 slim have blu ray?

no it does not only dvds

Will a xbox 360 without a hard drive play dvds?

No. No it won't.

Can you play Blu-ray dvds on xbox 360?

NO the ps3 does