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With what does fish breath?

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The gills and the brain

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How do jawless fish breath?

They breath through their gills, such as the majority of fish.

How do fish breath underwater?

Fish have gills, that's what helps them breath underwater.

Do puffer fish breath with lungs or gills?

A Puffer Fish has gills and no lungs so to breath the puffer fish uses gills to breath and respire!

How are stomata and fish gills the same?

They make the plant and fish breath

Do fish breath with lungs?

Fish use gills to extract oxygen from the water to 'breath' .

How different are fish to humans?

fish are very different because fish hve fins, swim and breath in water and have scales.

Why are fish not humans?

because fish have gills and breath in water and we breath air through our lungs

What does the fish breath with?

A fish uses gills.

Is their a fish that can breath out of water?

fish in aquramus

Why does your kittens breath smell like fish?

my kittens breath smells like fish because it eats fish alot of the time

How long can fish hold their breath for out of water?

they say that fish can holdtheir breath out of water for 30 secs. If the fish has a certain disease then they should be able to hold their breath for 1 whole minute.

How do fish breath in water?

Fishes gills are made to sort out the oxygen from the water so the fish can breath. That's why fish tanks have to have oxygen

Fish have what instead of lungs?

Fish Use Gills Instead of lungs. Gills Help fish to Breath. Fish Use Gills Instead of lungs. Gills Help fish to Breath.

What organs do fish use to breath?

gill (of a fish).

Is abalone a fish?

do they breath in sea there are fish or mamals

With what does a fish breath?

With gills.

What fish do with gas?

the gas is may be another chemical that the fish can breath at the surface an can help to make the fish can breath at small air and big water.

What makes a dolphin different from a fish?

a dolphin is different from a fish as it is a mammal, so dolphins breath are and you already know that fish don't breath air.

How do fish breath in oxygen under water?

they use gills to breath

Where do fishes get oxygen when they breath?

fish have gills to breath so yeah

How do lion fish breath?

They Have gills to breath dissolved oxygen underwater.

Do fish breathe water?

Fish breath the oxygen in water.

Do fish die out of water?

No, because fish can breath air.

What kind of fish can breath air?

Fish that can breath air directly from the surface, such as the ever popular betta, are referred to as labyrinth.

Could a fish survive in a forest?

No,because fish breath in water if the fish is in the forest they need to go to the river,and fish cant breath in the air but water can