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"Magic" by Colbie Callait

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โˆ™ 2008-08-17 01:33:57
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Q: Wlll Morgan Herman ever be my best friend again?
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I found out my son is using crack and needs help he has sucialial thoughts, stold from me and his wife started carrying a gun...loseing weight, plus his teeth are falling out, looks to be 50 year old. people coming to his house all hours of the night. cops are afraid of this neighborhood. its a dead end street. my son is going to end up dead, if I can't get him help or at least try. any suggestion please help me help my son. To get a mental inquest warrant, go to the county attorneys' office (usually near the courthouse). You will fill out a form and the attorney will sign it. A hearing date will be set, and a summons will be prepared. You will take the summons to the sheriff's office, and the sheriff will deliver it and take the person to a hospital where he/she will be held 72 hours or until the hearing date is available. You must appear at the hearing, and the the person wlll be taken there also. The judge will decide if the person needs to be hospitalized further, usually at a state hospital. The procedure may be a little different for drug abuse, but I'm guessing you could start at the county attorneys' office and they can direct you.

Ac heat fan sounds loose hard to replace or repair?

It is an easy task but can require a bit of wrestling and crawling on the floor boards. Remove the right foot panel. Pull back the carpet and pad to get access to several screws. Now remove the covers and actuator arm. The cover has a slot in the back and two screws that hold it in the front and side. Now there are 3 screws holding the motor in and a single connector. Remove the connection and screws maling sure to do the one in the back first, trust me. The fan will be tight and require some finess to get it out. Once out reconnect everything electrically and test for what is making the sound. If its in the motor just replace it. I have tried repairs but its not worth it. It its just dirt or debris you can clean it up OK and then retest prior to installing. The fan blade pushes on and is held in place be a groove at the top of the shaft. There is a small finger in the fan that fits into the groove at the top. By releasing the finger you should be able to pry off the fan blade fairly easily. If not wwd 40, or similar type, sprayed in the shaft wlll help release its hold. Reverse the steps to install. A flexible screw driver is a great help but you can do it without it. Just prepare to be frustrated by the rear screw. When installing do this one last.I can change mine now in about an hour. But the first time it took me almost 3. THAT INCLUDED CLEANING THE FAN

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