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Q: Wonder mail code to get the friend bow in P okemon mystery dungeon red rescue team?
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How many floors are there in magma cavern on P okemon mystery dungeon red rescue team?

23 and then the mid point. After

How do you reset P okemon mystery dungeon?

Basically on the title screen before you click 'Continue' underneath it, it says 'Delete Save Data' then just select that and 'Yes' and 'Yes' again, done.

Where is the mystery zone in P okemon Soul silver?

That's the place where the programmers didn't want you to go. For some reason it has background music and is named mystery zone. It is when you have the walk through walls cheat and wander too far.

How do you get shiny p okemon in p okemon platinum?

after you get the poke radar use it in the grass and if a patch sparkels it is a shiny Pokemon

In P okemon battle arena beta 0.1 what level does haunter evolve?

it doesnt evlove unless you trade it. trade it to your friend and trade it back and it will evolve. same with onix

Where is jubilife in okemon platinium?

North of Sangem Town.

Can you catch a shiny P okemon in platinum?


Where do you find pimpulp in okemon diamond?

you have to get it as your starter or trade it.

Where do you get the rare dogs on Pokemon emerald?

i really don't know sinse my friend lost my emerald game and gameboy sp but action replay can cause and solve all okemon problems

What level does makuhita evolve in okemon sapphire?

level 24

Where is Pokemon contests in P okemon diamond?

HeartHome City

Where are mareeps found in P okemon chrystle?

Viridian Forest