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Words that end in EL?


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Bagel gel Bagel gel Bagel gel Bagel gel


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Here is a general description for el and la. El is for masculine words, words that don't end in a. La is for words that end with a.

Hostel, Hotel, motel, feel, gel, steel, wheel, keel, kneel.

the end: el termino de las clases = the end of classes

Game end EL juego - Game / the game termino - end

El Liberal ended in 1936.

Usually masculine words end up in vowel "o" and femine words may end in vowel "a" for example: Amigo masc. ... El es mi amigo = He is my friend. amiga fem. ... Ella es mi amiga = She is my friend. Angela ... Ella es Angela Angelo ... El es Angelo fem. puerta, madera, silla masc. cubo, susto, barro and when you put the article el o la it tells you when should you look at.

angel, brothel, cudgel, dreidel, Eiffel, falafel, gel, hotel, impel, Jor-El, kneel, lapel, model, newel, ousel, propel, repel, sequel

El Garces Hotel ended in 1949.

El Paso Open ended in 1991.

Lake El Paso ended in 2004.

El Camino Secreto ended in 1987.

"El fin" translates to "the aim/end" in English.

It means "the automobile". Other words for this are "el carro" or "el coche".

The most common way to change a Spanish noun to show friendliness or affection is to drop the "o" or "a" at the end of the noun and add "ito" or "ita." If the word does not end in "o" or "a," add "cito" or "cita." For example: el niño → el niñito la mesa → la mesita Like English, some Spanish words require spelling changes. Examples are: la chica → la chiquita el pedazo → el pedacito

Aerolíneas de El Salvador ended in 1991.

"The end" in Spanish is "el fin". It is pronounced "el feen". Please see the Related link below for confirmation of the translation.

El Sueño de Arquímedes ended in 2007-06.

Answer: Area, Agua... are not really masculine because the adjective used with this words must be feminine ("El agua estaba fria (fem)"- The water was cold. -- El área estaba cerrada (-The place was closedBut some others use the masc. article and the adjective in masc. as el:el mapa.el periodistael problemael idiomael telegramael fantasmael climael sistemael mapael reumael programa,El Titicacael Papáel curael cometael yogael Alta (medica)el díael diplomael almael carismael diafragmael tequilael enigmael gorilael patriarcael piratael prismael profetaWhy? There is not an answer, it¡s just like that... logic is not the principal component of a language!Answer: Some words are masculine, some are feminine! The ending "a" is usually feminine, but that isn't always the case; words that have a Greek origin are often an exception to this general rule.

There are 3 Hebrew words for God that begin with el:ElElohaElohim

There are no English words that end with IQ.

None. Words end with a suffix.

Más Sabe el Diablo ended on 2010-02-12.

Tormenta en el paraíso ended on 2008-07-25.

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