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Work as agent of socialization?


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Work is considered to be an agent of socialization. People are able to meet at workplace and socialization is promoted between the various individuals in a particular work station.


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Marriage is an agent of socialization. It perpetuates the main socialization tool, which is the family. Families are where people first learn what is expected of them socially.

the agent of socialization are the people who socialize while agencies of socialization are the place where socialization take place

The family is no longer the most important agent of socialization because people have adopted busier lifestyles. The average person now spends the majority of their time at work and on the internet.

An agent is somebody who does the paperwork and other stuff for you.

Family is the most important agent

The agent of socialization is anything that affects an individual and the society at large. Some common agents of socialization include parents, culture education, religion and so much more.

religion is the most important agent of socialization because it tells children what to belief and to have faith in God which is so important

mass media is an agent of socialization because it helps to disseminate information which is of huge importance to any form of socializatiion or interaction

School (education) is the single most important agent in political socialization of new generations.

= "How is internet an agent of socialization?" = Because many people around the world are on at one time and they can talk to each other through IMing and other things

School is a social institution because it is a socialization agent. A socialization agent is an institution that plays a role in assimilating the younger people into the structure of a specific society.

European Civilization has nothing to do with this,, you idiot!

A peer group that have various things in common including age, social positions, or interests have an influence of the socialization of the members of the group. They can act as an agent of socialization by teaching gender roles supporting each other, and providing a different perspective.

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All of them are extremely important, trust me...

Some of the agents of socialization include school, workplace, church and any form of regular gatherings. These are used as platforms through which people socialize.

Its the place where our skils been of future buildn.


A common insterest. Even at this age, it is a necessity. familly

There are several factors in political socialization. Some of these factors include school, family, religion, work peers, and the media.

What is socialization? Write down diifferent types of socialization. what is the process of socialization?

Mass media, as we all know, helps in the information dessimination and so..that's it.. lol

The family is the first major agent of socialization for most individuals. They help children to internalize culture and develop a social identity. They also provide an ascribed social status to its young members, and play a key part in early sex-rol socialization. It can also go in the opposite direction, the child will usually socialize its family mebers by getting them used to their routines and will create signals for their needs.

Socialization refers to the integration of other cultures into the main culture in Nigeria. The process takes a lot of work, but for those willing to do the work they get a thorough understanding of the Nigerian culture.


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